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Software Patch version 1.49

This patch will bring your English version of Beyond Divinity to V 1.49. It can be downloaded by going here. It includes all previous fixes. This patch is ONLY compatible with the English version of Beyond Divinity (exluding the Australian version).
For the other language versions go here. For the previous patch of the English version (excluding Australian) V 1.47 go here.

Your savegames won't be affected by applying the patch.

Note about the "stuck in the Battlefields" problem
If you got stuck in the Battlefields (i.e. "leave" teleported you back to the merchants) and you saved *after* you tried to leave, your savegame is corrupt. You should load a game that was saved before you tried to leave, only then will this patch be able to fix it.

The game *will* try to teleport you back to the normal world, but if your savegame has become corrupted, we cannot vouch for its accuracy. Moreover, story problems may occur.

Therefore, we advise you to load:

a) a savegame that was not saved inside the Battlefields;
b) a savegame that was saved in the Battlefields but BEFORE trying to leave.

Notice for people who installed patch 1.4
The following comment only applies if you'll use savegames made with patch 1.4:

There was a problem in patch 1.4 with the regeneration of the inventories of traders. Because of this problem after some time the game crashes. Patch 1.42 fixes this. Because of a technical issue, however, it's impossible to totally upgrade savegames made with version 1.4. As a result, some magical items lying on the ground, might lose their properties when applying patch 1.42.

This does not apply for items which are in the inventory of your party.

Notice for people who installed patch 1.41
Savegames made with patch 1.41 and which were upgrades from savegames made with patch 1.4 have been corrupted by patch 1.41 due to a problem with the upgrade system. You should not use these savegames anymore as it is very likely to cause big problems later on in the game.

However, if you started a fresh with a game in 1.41, you will not experience any problems. The problems only appear for savegames made in version 1.4 that were upgraded to savegames made in version 1.41.

New inventory system as of version 1.40
As of version 1.40, the inventory interface has changed. The buttons on the left side of the inventory no longer act as filtering buttons you can switch on and off. The buttons will now act as tabs. By clicking one of the tabs, the inventory field will only show one particular type of items.

- By clicking the first tab, you will only see your armour.
- Clicking the second tab will only show weapons.
- The third tab contains your magical items (e.g. summoning dolls, charms,crystals...).
- The fourth tab is where you can find your potions.
- The fifth tab will only contain your book collection.
- The last tab uncovers miscellaneous items (e.g. gold, food, drink, quest items...).

- When fighting bare-handed, character does crushing damage based on strength.
- The skills "Trap detection" and "Disarm" do not work on chests or doors.
- Most summoning dolls cannot use armed weaponry. There is one exception: the skeleton can use a crossbow.
- Summoning doll skills cannot be reassigned.
- Be careful when "clicking" your way through the game. This increases the chance of attacking a friendly creature by accident.
- The "Give to" command results in the receiver immediately equipping the item if possible.

Bugfixes in v1.47 to 1.49
- Windows Vista support
- Removal of StarForce protection
- Fixed  numerous issues

Bugfixes in v1.45 to 1.47
- Locked Chests now have a lockpicking level
- Fixed missing BF key in Act 3
- Fixed Skill points cheat (unlearn -save/load)
- Fixed Pickpocket cheat (ctrl-click stack)
- Fixed Vitality and Magic calculations when restarting the game
- Fixed possible loss of skill points when canceling in skill window
- Fixed quest bug in Act4 when Tax didn't want to give key anymore
- Fixed chests in Act4 that couldn't be opened
- Fixed disappearing BF traders in Act5
- Fixed NPC's hopping out of playfield as a result of pressing ALT-TAB
- Fixed some quest entries and XP in Act3
- Earthquake spell stops when being teleported
- Fixed "Too Heavy" Message Flood
- Requirements of items in Trade window now display properly
- Fixed an issue with Identify skill
- Fixed a crash related to unlearning a skill and switching characters
- Fixed the large stamina potions

Game enhancements
- When buying a lower skill level than already in skill list, highest level will remain
- Changed penalty of overweight: When overweight, the player can't move any longer, but is able to rearrange his inventory.

Bugfixes in v1.44 to 1.45
- Fixes the Windows98 Act Switching bug
- Fixed problem where menu music keeps playing
- Removed arrows from magic list
- Fixed sharpen agility requirement
- Fixed scary explosion description
- Fixed duration of body magic offensive spells
- Fixed wind of furies duration
- Fixed Summoning Doll Inventory Bug
- Fixed Savegame order
- Removed extra damage on bows taken from melee skills
- Fixed problem where teleport trap would teleport enemies out of the map
- Fixed a bug where new items would suddenly start to lose their properties
- Fixed after game crash with learning and boosting skills
- Fixed Double Crystals bug

Game enhancements
- Lowered arrow prices

Bugfixes in v1.43 to 1.44
- Fixed Sharpen Skill
- Fixed Empty Crystal Bag
- Holy Water isn't available for pickpocketing anymore

Game enhancements
- Added Difficulty option in options menu (You might want to change your difficulty again when loading an older savegame)

Bugfixes in v1.42 to 1.43
- Fixed Summoning dolls crash
- Fixed crash when mousovering chests
- Fixed crash with corrupt items
- Switched partymember portraits (hero always on the right)
- Fixed weight for some magical items
- Fixed the problem that caused the "Exit Battlefield" problem
- Fixed the charms distribution
- Fixed a bug that allowed an invisible monster to attack you
- Fixed unlimited sleep
- Fixed radius of summoning dolls
- Fixed items disappearing when using give-to command when encumbered
- Fixed enemies that were not attacking
- Fixed piercing skill for bows and crossbows
- Fixed summoning dolls skillpoints bug
- Identify skill now works if summoning doll learns it

Game enhancements
- Balanced sharpen weapon skill
- Balanced splitting arrows
- Balanced blocking skill
- Changed boost of self-made permanent potions
- Added a (small) probability that BF Trader has holy water...

Information about

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SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Hack & Slash
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

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· Platform: PC
· Released at 2004-04-20
· Publisher: Ubisoft

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