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Original Sin - Primary Stat Discussion

by Dhruin, 2013-01-17 10:02:59

I'm a little surprised this hasn't been long settled but Lar posted a new thread on the Larian forums a few days back for feedback on the primary stats in Original Sin:

Hello all,

Every single RPG we make we have these huge discussions about what primary stats we should expose to players for putting points in. Routinely, these discussions happen multiple times during development and we change our minds all the time, and for DOS it's not been no different. Given how long some of you have been active here and the amount of ideas you gave us already, I think it's only sensible to have you also part of the debate so please let me know your thoughts on the following set of stats, taking intou account that this is a turn-based game. Let us know what you think each stat does, which stat you'd really like to add and which one you think really sucks.


I on purpose don't list what they're intended to mean in DOS, because I'm curious about your initial response to them. For the same reason I'll leave it up to your imaginations which primary stat affects what secondary stat.The secondary stats btw (i.e. the ones impacted by the above, but also by items/equipment & spells/skills) are

Plenty of resistances
Action points
Cost of movement
Chance to hit (melee/ranged)
Chance to be hit(melee/ranged)
Damage (melee/ranged/magic)
Damage absorption (melee/ranged/magic)
Critical hit chance/damage

and then also a whole bunch of things you'd probably call perks or abilities (Lockpicking, trading, convincing, luck etc...)

I might have forgotten a few but it's the primary ones I'm really curious about. As further info, we're thinking of only giving ONE stat point per level, and capping the primary stats at 15 or 20, giving you X points to start with (e.g. 30)

Let us know your thoughts and thx in advance for the feedback!  

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