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Larian Studios - Might Increase Divinity: Original Sin's Funding via Kickstarter

by Aries100, 2013-02-05 20:24:15

Swen Vincke has penned a rather long blog post about how Larian Studios might use Kickstarter to add additional funding to their game: Divinity: Original Sin and thus increase the budget for the game. The reason they might go use Kickstarter to do this is here:

If we indeed go to Kickstarter, it'll be because the game deserves to get the maximum funding we can find, even if financially that's not necessarily in our best interest........Which may bring the question why we're actually interested in increasing the budget at all ?

In short, it's because it'll allow us to put more things in, prevent us from having to take shortcuts because of some development mistakes we made, and in general give us a better chance of making that great RPG we know we can make if we can marshal the resources. It'll also allow us to accommodate for some of the suggestions we received during development, not only from people who saw the game live but also from our fans. And it'll allow us to put more stuff in the editor, which we expect great things of. How long has it been since somebody released a decent commercial level single- and multi-player RPG editor anyway?

Source: GameBanshee

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