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Original Sin - Overview of Add-ons and Tiers

by Myrthos, 2013-04-20 23:49:39

With 5 days to go the Original Sin Kickstarter is just $63K away from reaching their next stretch goal and in their latest update an overview of the add-ons and reward tiers is given.

Shipping physical goods

  • All physical goods ship free if you are in the US or Europe. If you live in Europe, you need to select US shipping when you pledge. We'll know from your address that you're in Europe, so don't worry.
  • If you already added an extra amount to your pledge to cover the shipping cost and live in Europe, you can remove the shipping cost by using the "manage your pledge" button.

Dragon Commander inclusion

  • Every tier above 95$ as well as the 95$ digital tier receive a copy of Divinity:Dragon Commander. The physical 95$ tier does not get a copy of Divinity:Dragon Commander. 
  • Lower tiers can get a copy Divinity:Dragon Commander by adding 40$.

Divinity: Original Sin Add-ons

Digital add-ons (Require base tier pledge of $25):

  • Divine Divinity Digital Version (HD): add $5
  • Weresheep Forum Badge, In the Credits as a Weresheep, a hint: add $6
  • THE Hint concerning the Weresheep: add $666
  • Digital Artbook featuring the Art of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
  • Digital Map of the World of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
  • Digital Soundtrack of Divinity Original Sin: add $10
  • Extra Digital Copy of Divinity Original Sin: add $20
  • Beta Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $20
  • Alpha Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $50 (includes beta access)
  • Fanday Ticket: add $150
  • Divinity Anthology (digital): add $20
  • Divinity Dragon Commander (digital): add $40

Physical add-ons (Require physical tier at $65 or higher):

  • Cloth Map: add $25
  • Signed Poster: add $25
  • T-Shirt Weresheep Logo: add $25
  • T-Shirt Divinity Original Sin: add $25

For those wondering how to get add-on(s) on Kickstarter, you must add the amount over your base tier selection. Select your tier - or leave your current tier selected - and then change the amount in the top box that is your total 'Pledge Amount' to cover the cost of the add-on(s)

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