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Dragon Commander - Review Roundup #4

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-07 02:31:22

Well another day goes by and more reviews have been released on sites I have never heard of for Dragon Commander. So without stalling I give you round number four.

PCGMedia - 93/100

We Liked

A large amount of well voiced, well acted and well written dialogue. Political decisions directly affect your battle situation. Units are very balanced, themed well. Dragon skills are varied and offer a new layer of strategy. Politics sometimes hilarious, always insightful.

We Disliked

The campaign can be too unforgiving at the early stages, and you're done for without knowing it for up to 20 turns. It takes a while to spot some of the trickier unit abilities which can completely turn a battle round.

PCGamesN - 8/10

Dragon Commander could have benefited from a greater level of fleshing out, but the whole experience remains highly entertaining from start to finish. Rather than merely being a silly break from Larian’s action RPGs, this is one of the studio’s strongest titles. And let us not forget, it features dragons with jetpacks, and that’s just wonderful.  

CramGaming - 8.5/10

There’s a neat balance of gameplay styles which makes Divinity Dragon Commander stand out. If you are an RTS fan, then this is well worth checking out as there’s lots to do and a cool game on offer here that will keep you entertained to the end of days.

Gameranx - 7.5/10

Larian Studios has done some wonderful, charming work on Divinity: Dragon Commander. The political and personal decisions made between generals, diplomats and queens create a web of reactions that are fun to follow. It wasn't difficult to become invested with the personalities and stories of those characters.

It's almost worth recommending the game on that content alone. But that's only one portion of the experience, the other two of which aren't nearly as rewarding. Despite its flaws, this is a direction for the franchise I want to see more of, and I can't wait to get back to championing the rights of naked dwarves and undead artists across Rivellon.

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