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Original Sin - Diablo HD Remake Mod

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-22 14:36:46

The Cinema Blend website has news of a promising mod being made with the Divinity: Original Sin Engine. The mod is a remake of the classic Diablo. Here are the details.

The first Diablo is getting an unofficial HD remake thanks to one devoted fan. He's rebuilding the game from the ground up on PC and Mac using Divinity: Original Sin's engine.

Reddit user docalypse started the remake, called Diablo: Original Sin, about four days ago. In that short period of time, he's managed to do a far amount of work. The first screenshots, seen in the gallery below, show the fruits of his labors. He's recreated the doomed town of Tristram, the surrounding countryside, and the cathedral.

His ultimate plans for the game include 26 levels based on the base Diablo game and its expansion Hellfire. Players will be able to venture beneath Tristram with a party of up to 4 characters. The mod will incorporate music from D1 and possibly its sequel as well. The story will be told with

While it will retain the look of Diablo, Diablo: Original Sin will have very different gameplay. The environments will be hand-crafted instead of randomized, with unique items placed throughout the game. Though 4-player co-op is possible, a lone player can control the full party if they'd rather go it alone. Traps can wipe out parties unwilling to let their rogue scout ahead (you brought a rogue, didn't you?). Secret areas can be reached with lockpicking and high perception ratings. Furthermore, docalypse says, Original Sin has turn-based battles instead of the usual "clickfest" Diablo combat.

The creator will add even more features to the game once the Divinity: Original Sin toolset is expanded. His to-do list includes new enemies, items, crafting recipes, and hirelings with backstories. He also wants to introduce new magic schools like Necromancy, Holy Magic and Cryomancy.

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