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Original Sin - Review Roundup #5

by Couchpotato, 2014-07-31 06:33:12

I know I said I wouldn't post another roundup of reviews for Divinity: Original Sin, but I lied. Here is the next round of reviews everyone they just keep being posted.

RPGFan - 89/100

Divinity: Original Sin will test your patience, skill, and the limits of your love for flawed creations. If you can get past the brutally difficult and mechanically confusing opening, you'll find a rewarding experience created in the tradition of old computer RPGs. One that, for all its wonders, manages to be maddening at times and soporific at others. If you're tired of hand holding and exclamation points above NPC heads, if you want a challenge, if you grew up playing classic computer RPGs and haven't been properly sated in years, you might find a new addiction with Original Sin. Just be warned that its enchantment grows dim at times, though any brush with wonder is worthwhile.

GamingBolt - 8/10

If there's ever been a time to throw out the words "Indie" or "Developed on a budget" then now is the time. As it proves that time, effort, fan feedback, and passion, are more important than high budgets, annual recycling, scripted Hollywood aesthetics, and glorified tech demos.

GodisaGeek - 7/10

A game that does well as a single-player RPG, and does well as a vast, exploration-based semi-open-world adventure, but excels at neither. Better than many of the RPGs in its ancestry, it nonetheless suffers from frustrating NPC engagement and lacks the intelligent storyline required to make it a classic of the genre.

Denkiphile - 4.5/5

Divinity: Original Sin is a surprising gem in modern PC releases not only because of how niche the actual gameplay is but also of the overall quality of the game. I honestly have no idea how it has been so well-received and successful considering the average person probably isn’t into cRPGs, but it does give me hope for the future that games can be successful without requiring the need to dumb down the gameplay, and that is probably the biggest thing to come out of this title.

And before I forget the Russian version is now available.

I know we're supposed to be on a two week holiday, but we couldn't let this slide: thanks to the hard work of the fine people at 1C, you can now play the game in Russian!

Please note that we aware of some minor issues: because of the latest patch we did before our holidays, some UI text is still in English (e.g. names of personalities in the New Game screen, names of some graphical option settings), but we will fix these as soon as possible.

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