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Baldur's Gate 3 - Will the Ranger Class be changed?

by Hiddenx, 2019-06-23 07:44:50

TheGamer thinks that the Ranger Class will be enhanced in Baldur's Gate 3:

Baldur's Gate 3 And Dungeons & Dragons Will Be Changing The Ranger Class In The Future

The ranger is one of the weaker classes in the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons, but that will be changing soon, as the class will be different in both Baldur's Gate III and in some new updates for Dungeons & Dragons in the future.

The future of the ranger class was discussed by Mike Mearls, who is the creative director for Dungeons & Dragons, and Swen Vincke of Larian Studios, which is the development studio that is currently working on Baldur's Gate III. The two appeared on an episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, where they talked about both Baldur's Gate III and Dungeons & Dragons.


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