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Divinity: Original Sin II - The Zelda of Roleplaying Games

by Myrthos, 2018-07-23 12:10:52

Techquila is stating that Divinity: Original Sin II is to Western RPGs what Zelda is to JRPGs and then describes why the author feels it is one of the best RPGs.

The Legend of Zelda is often hailed as one of the best Japanese games (if not the best game) of this generation. While it may be one of the finest  Eastern adventure games, I don’t quite believe that there aren’t any Western RPGs out there that don’t have anything better to offer. In my opinion, one such game is Larian studios’ Divinity Original Sin II.

JRPGs have a niche but vocal audience, many of whom tend to be reviewers and critics. The reason for the relatively smaller fan-base of JRPGs can be attributed to multiple reasons. Firstly, being limited to only one or two consoles (for Zelda that would be the Nintendos). Secondly, having childish, cliched settings and lastly, the absence of a localized English version for some.

Gamers tend to have varied tastes which makes it even harder to rate games. Most RPG fans prefer games with darker themes like Dragon Age and The Witcher 3, while the rest opt for JRPGs having colorful visuals and light-hearted stories. In this post, seeing as it’s coming to current-gen consoles in the coming days, I would like to discuss Divinity Original Sin II and why it’s one of the best RPGs ever.

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