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Character creation

Creating the Nameless One

Before you can start with the actual game, you will need to create the Nameless One as you would like to play with him. The Nameless One starts out as a level 3 Fighter in the game but you will have the ability to change in the game to a Thief or a Mage if you want. There is a fourth class in the game, which is a Priest. However, the Nameless One can not change to that class.

Each character in the game has certain abilities that give him or her some benefits. In the creation of the Nameless One, you have the possibility to increase the default abilities of the Nameless One. These abilities are divided into six categories that each start out with a value of 9. You will get 21 additional points that you can add to one or more of the available categories.

Certain abilities are better suited for a given class than other abilities. So maybe it is wise to decide upfront what you want to be. A Fighter, a Thief or a Mage (or a combination of them). Check out the links in the Classes section below for more information.

The Nameless One can use multiple classes but at any given time only one class is active. This class gets the experience points and the bonusses. When advancing to a new level than the Nameless One also gets additional (variable number of) hitpoints. When his current class is lower than any other class the Nameless One uses then he will only get 1 hitpoint.
Also advancing to a new level in the highest class will give the Nameless One a characteristic point that can be spend over the available parameters.

Deciding how to divide the 21 points over the categories can be complicated. The information given here gives you maybe the additional input you need in deciding how to divide the points.


There are four classes; Fighter, Thief, Mage and Priest.
The Nameless One can be any of the first three. Each of the links gives detailed information about the class and how useful it is for the Nameless One.


The following chracteristics to which statistics are applied are used in the game:
  Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom
Each of the links offers a description and the how they relate to a specific class.

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Planescape: Torment

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