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Being a thief has it's advantages. A thief can locate and disable traps, open locks, pickpocket others and go into stealth mode, which makes him or her invisible to others. Beside that there is also the Backstab ability, which can inflict a large amount of damage to an opponent when he is stabbed in the back by the thief.
So your party should have a thief, there is however no reason to have more than one thief in your party, because the number of times that the thief needs to get in action are very limited in Torment. Also a thief can not wear protective armor, because then he can not go into stealth mode. So this makes it easier for others to inflict damage to the thief.
Also a thief can carry only knifes and can not wield a sword, which makes them less usable as a fighter.

Other party members

You always start the game as a level 3 fighter. If you want to be a thief then you need to change to a thief in the game. You then start out as a level 1 thief.
When you look at the possible party members than they have the following classes:

Annah - Fighter/Thief
Dak'kon - Fighter/Mage
Fall-from-Grace - Priest
Ignus - Mage
Morte - Fighter
Nordom - Fighter
Vhaillor - Fighter

What to be ?

There is only one thief, which is Annah. She does a good job as a thief and is a reasonable fighter. She is however dual classed and the disadvantage of belonging to two classes is that all experience points are divided over the two classes evenly. This implies that it takes longer to reach a next level in each of the classes.
Because you can not belong to 2 classes, you have the opportunity to grow faster as a thief. However as stated before there is just not a lot to do for a thief in the game and Annah is capable of leveling up fast enough for the more difficult parts of the game.

It would not be my choice, but if you like to be a rogue then go for it. I would however advise then to remove Annah from your party in favor of a fighter, especially for the second half of the game.

Relevant Statistics

The following lists the statistic categories and there relevance to the thief class.

Dexterity - This makes you harder to hit and makes it easier to pickpocket others
Constitution - Aids you in hitting your opponent and resurrects you faster
Strength - You need to fight too so you will need the strength
Charisma - As the leader you will need charisma to positively influence the reaction of others
Intelligence - Allows you to regain your memories faster and gives more dialog options
Wisdom - Let you recall memories


During the game you can gain experience points. When the number of experience points that you or a thief party member has increased beyond a predefined threshold you (or the other thief) Can advance to a new level. This gains you extra hitpoints and can give you extra points that you can use to increase the statistics of one of the six categories.

At level 7 and level 12 you will get specialization bonuses.
L7: +1 Dexterity.
L12: +2 Dexterity.
If you use also other classes for the Nameless One then you will still only get two specialization's in total over (so maybe you never get the L12 specialization).

The table below shows the experience needed to advance to the next level and the number of hitpoints received.

Experience Points
Increase Maximum hit points
throw 1 dice
throw 2 dices
throw 3 dices
throw 4 dices
throw 5 dices
throw 6 dices
throw 7 dices
throw 8 dices
throw 9 dices
throw 10 dices
throw 10 dices + 2 points
throw 10 dices + 4 points
+220.000 per level
+2 points per level

To increase the maximum hit points a 6 sided dice is thrown. This results in the thief getting 1 to 6 extra hitpoints. The dice is thrown upto 10 times, depending on the level. The thief then receives the maximum of the thrown dices.
Starting with level 11 the total thrown number of the dices is increased with a fixed number.

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