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The Hive


Find Pharod
Pharod can be found in the Buried Village which can be entered from the Ragpicker's Square. There is a portal in the northeast which is activated when you carry a piece of junk.

Find your missing journal
There are multiple journals in the game.

Fetch embalming fluid and needle for Ei-Vene
Embalming fluid can be found on the second floor of the Mortuary. The needle and thread can be found in the badly stitched up zombie on the second floor. There is also some needle and thread on the third floor.

Fetch embalming fluid for Vaxis
He will dress you up as a zombie if you get a jar of embalming fluid and needle and thread, similar to the task of Ei-Vene.

Get finger bone to open the portal out of the mortuary
The finger bone is located on the third floor of the mortuary.

Get sanctum key to open the gates to the first floor
The sanctum key can be found on the third floor of the mortuary.

The Northeast Hive

Kill three thugs for Sev'Tai
The thugs are to the right of the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeast Hive.

Find a planewalker for Ingress
The Planewalker is in the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeast Hive.

Give message to Craddock for Bean
Craddock is on the market place in the Southwest Hive.

Undo Angyar's contract with the Dustmen
Mortai Gravesend in the Gathering Dustman Bar, which is located in the Northeast Hive, has the contract. Convince him to give it to you by stating that it does not comply to the Dustmen believes.

Look into the troubles at the Mausoleum for Norochj
Norochj will hand you the key to the portal in front of the mausoleum, located in the Northeast Hive. Go in there and solve the problem.

Stop Awaiting-Death in killing himself
Talk to Awaiting-Death in the Gathering Dustman Bar and convince him that killing himself is not the right thing to do (you can also kill yourself to prove the point).

Find out why Sere is sceptic
Just talk to her and go along with her to mkae her see otherwise. She is standing at the bar in the Gathering Dustman Bar.

Find out where Pharod gets the bodies for Emoric
When you locate Pharod in the Buried Village, he will tell you the answer.

Track down a thief disguised as a dustman
The thief can be found in the Southwest Hive, to the right of the Office of Vermin and Disease control.

Find Soego for Emoric
Soego is in the Dead Nations, which can be reached via the entrance in the south of the Weeping Stone Catacombs.

Defeat the intruder in the Mausoleum for the guardian spirit
Go to the inner chambers in the southwest of the Mausoleum and defeat the wizard.

Go to the cathedral at the canter of the hive with Mar's box
Shilandra will direct you to the center of the Hive, the Alley of dangerous Angels. There is a burned cathedral in which you find a mage who can open the box.

The Northwest Hive

Retrieve Porphiron's necklace
The necklace can be retrieved from the thieves, located at the west side of the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeast Hive.

Get rid of Nestor for Arlo, the Flophouse slumlord
In order to get rid of Nestor you will have to find his fork first (see next quest). When you get it give it to Nestor and he will leave.

Find Nestor's Fork
Nestor's fork is in the possession of One-ear who is just north of the flophouse. Tell him that you can make the sound in his one ear stop and he gives you the fork.

Deliver Mar's box to Ku'atraa
Mar gave you a box and told you to bring it to Ku'atraa. His house can be found west of the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeast Hive.

The Southeast Hive

Resolve a bar tab
A dustman woman in disguise in the Smoldering Corpse Bar has a bar tab that needs to be paid. Give her part of the money she needs and she will leave and the quest is solved.

Deliver Mar's box to Brasken
Brasken's house is in the west of the Southwest Hive.

Rescue Ignus from his situation
Ignus can be saved with the Decanter of Endless Water, which can be found in the Weeping Stone Catacombs. To make it work on Ignus you will have to get the command word first from Nemelle. She can be found on the west side of the clerk's Ward.

The Southwest Hive

Find a tombstone for the crier of Es-Annon
The tombstone is located in the Northeast Hive, just above the Gathering Dustman Bar. Talk to Death-of-Names, who will carve the name of Es-Annon in the stone.

Find Jhelai for Craddock
Jhelai is hanging around near the entry to the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeast Hive.

Remove Reekwind's "Curse of stench"
Reekwind has been cursed by a mage named Jumble Murdersense. He is training mages in the Civic Festhall in the Clerk's Ward. When you talk to him about hit he will curse you. To undo it go to an other mage named Salabesh, who can be found just outside of the Civic festhall. He will give you a curse which you should use on Jumble. He will then undo your curse and Reekwind's.

Deliver Mar's box to Shilandra
Shilandra's home is in the northern part of the Northeast Hive.

Kill the wererrat in Phineas' basement.
After selling all the tails you have to Phineas he gives you the quest to kill the wererat in his basement. So just go there and kill it.

The Alley of dangerous Angels

Krystall wants Rotten William and Blackrose death
Rotten William wants Blackrose and krystall death
Blackrose wants krystall and Rotten William death

Six quests and you can only complete a maximum of four. Make your choice about who you let live. My choice was Krystall, because she gave you free passage through the Alley.

Talk to Mar about the box
After you went to Aola with the box you should talk to Mar again. Go to the Northwest Hive and follow the dead Lim-Lim's to find him.

Fetch 3 rings for Rauk, from his tent
The three rings are actually located in three different tents in the Alley. One just across the burned building. One close to the ruined cathedral and the third in the neighborhood of Krystall.

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