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Trash Warrens, Buried Village & The Catacombs

Buried Village

Find and return Uhir's lucky knife
Uhir lost his knife when he stuck it into a Ghoul. This is exactly where you will find it, in the leg of a Ghoul, which is located near Acaste in the Dead Nations.

Recover Ku'u Yin's number from Radine
Radine can be located southeast of Ojo's place, where Ku'u Yin stands. You should be able to convince her to give it to you without a fight.

Get Quint's Poison Charm from the body of Gris
The Poison Charm is a necklace that is actually not located on Gris but is hidden in the trash, just south of Martha's place. Gris will tell you that when you find him in the Crypt of the Embraced.

Get bronze sphere for Pharod
The bronze sphere can be found in the Drowned Nations. The sphere is located a bit to the east of the entrypoint to the tomb, which itself is located in the southeast of the area.

Find the site where Annah found your body

This site is in the Pregnant Alley. To reach it you will need to go through the Tenement of Thugs in the Southeast Hive. Annah will also tell you how you can enter the tenement.

Weeping Stone Catacombs

Kill vargouilles to prevent the corpse of Chad to become a vargouille
Just kill the vargouilles and Chad will direct you to the decanter of Endless Water.

Find the decanter of Endless Water
The decanter is in the east of the Drowned Nations. It is located where all the Vargouilles are. You will have to kill them to get to the flask.

Discover the weakness of the Silent King for Many-as-One
You can enter the throne room of the Silent King in two ways. The first is via a portal that Stale Mary will open for you, given a high enough Charisma and the second is by getting the key from Hargrimm (by either killing him or pickpocketing him).

Dead Nations

Seek out and slay any Cranium Rats
Hargrimm asks you to find and kill any Cranium Rats in the Dead Nations. The rats can be found in the eastern passageway (which is blocked by several rocks).

Find the Nameless Zombie her name
Just convince the zombie to take on an other name.

Give Hargrimm a reason to remove Soego from the Dead Nations
Tell Soego about the doubtful zombie and he will go to meet him. Then open his bed and find his journal. You discover things about Soego, which you can then tell to Hargrimm.

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Planescape: Torment

Developer: Black Isle

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· Released at 1999-12-10
· Publisher: Interplay

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