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Tenement of Thugs & Pregnant Alley

Find key and sneak out of the Tenement
The key is to be found on the third floor. There is a mage there who holds the key.

Get rid of the Dabus in the Alley of Lingering Sighs
Tell the Dabus that an other dabus is lying dead in the house. This option is only available if you did you investigated the body of the dead Dabus before.

Undo the repairs the Dabus made
You need a hammer and a prybar to undo the repairs made by the Dabus. A prybar can be found in the tenement if neccessary. There are two repairs that need to be undone and are marked by a question mark.

Information about

Planescape: Torment

Developer: Black Isle

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Pausable Real-time
Play-time: Over 60 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

Regions & platforms
North America
· Platform: PC
· Released at 1999-12-10
· Publisher: Interplay

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