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Lower Ward

Find Trist's loan documents
Find Lenny the thief, who is located east of the market place in the Lower Ward and bluff him into giving you the documents.

Find evidence that Byron Pikit is a criminal
The evidence can be located in the warehouse. The evidence can only be retrieved after you've talked to Lenny about it and solved the previous quest.

Kill Grosuk the abishai for Sebastion
Grosuk is near the Siege Tower in the west of the Lower Ward. Go there and kill him.

Karina needs a friend
Talk to Corvus (the guard at the northern exit) and tell him that she needs a friend and that she is lonely.

Release Dimtree from his zombie condition
Talk to Sebastion about his condition and he will tell you how to release him.

Get a coffin pillow from the warehouse
Just go there (in the northern part of the area) and get it.

Warn the githzerai about the githyanki raid on their fortress
The quest exists but I never got it!

Get the tomb plans from the warehouse
Just go there (in the northern part of the area) and get them.

Take a handbill to Scofflaw Penn at the Print Shop to be printed
The print shop is in the north of the Lower Ward.

Take a message to Keldor of Durian at the Foundry
Go to the Foundry and give it to him, he is in the Godsman hall.

Take the handbill to Barkis at the Smoldering Corpse Bar
Go back to the Bar and give it to him.

Retrieve a skull from a locked, trapped tomb
There is no skull there so tell Lothar that.

Find a skull of great value
Give Lothar the skull of Soego or the Silent King.

Find the night hag Ravel Puzzlewell
Ravel is in Ravel's Maze. To get there, you need a portal and a key. The portal can be obtained by delivering the receipt (retrieved in an other quest) to the clerk in the foundry. The key is obtained from Kessai-Serris (also from an other quest).

Examine the pestilential tome
The tome is a book in the possession of Martuok, which you have to kill for it. If you examine it your character will turn to evil. If this is not what you want then leave the book alone.

Sell a companion into slavery
Locate Vrischika in the Clerk's Ward and sell her a companion.

Kill a companion for additional power
Kill one of them (alone).

Join the Godsmen
To join the godsmen, the next three quests need to be completed.

Forge an item
Get the equipment for working a forge from Nadilin. Get some ore from Thildon and go to the unused forge. Ready the tongs, pick up the ore and hold it in the flames, places the ore in the forge and work it into shape. Any shape will do.

Solve the murder of Avildon the smith
The murderer is Thildon.

Prevent Sandoz from killing himself
Talk to his daughter Sarossa, who is standing in front of the Godsman hall, to learn more about him and then talk to Sandoz. Ask him why he is feeling so bad and convince him not to kill himself.

Help complete the Dreambuilder in the Great Foundry
To compete it you will need to solve the next three quests (sequentially).

Fetch a vial of skin and blood
You will get the vial of skin and blood from Pestle-Kilnn (the apothecary in the Clerks' Ward). You will have to split Pestle-Kilnn first as is described in the related quest, before you get the vial.

Fetch a birdcage festooned with razorblades
This can be retrieved from Coaxmetal in the Siege Tower.

Bring a coffin Pillow to Xander
Bring the coffin pillow retrieved from the warehouse and bring it Xander.

Sabotage the Godsmen's machine for Bedai-Lihn
If you want to make your character a bit more evil then you can destroy the Godsmen's machine, located in the Armory of the Foundry. Bedai-Lihn will tell you how.

Kill Sandoz, the Godsman factotum
After you destroyed the machine you will have to kill Sandoz next. This will make your character of course even more evil.

Smuggle Bedai-Lihn from the Foundry
Now that the machine is destroyed en Sandoz is dead, take Bedai-Lihn from the foundry.

Join the Anarchists
If you did the previous three quests then you are anarchist enough to be able to join the anarchist. Go to the print shop keeper to join if you want.

Kill officer Vorten
Officer Vorten is near the entrance to the Hive. You should do this quest only if you want to be an anarchist.

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