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Clerk's Ward

Find Nemelle for Aelwyn
Fine Aelwyn for Nemelle

Depending on who you find first you get the quest to look for the other. Nemelle is near the tents in the west and Aelwyn near the tents in the east of the Clerk's Ward.

Speak to the ten students in the Brothel
There are only nine students in the brothel. You are the tenth one. Tell this to Fall-from-Grace and she will join you if you want.

Return to Dolora the 'keys to her heart'
The keys to her heart are in the possession of Merriman, who can be found in the Civic Festhall. You will have to complete his quest to get the keys.

Find a way to erase Merriman's memory
You will need a black bird of Ocanthus, from the Art and Curio Galleria. To capture one you'll also need a special mug, which can be gotten from the drunken mage at the tents in the west or from the curiosity shop.

Help Ecco to regain the ability to speak
Give Ecco the Fiend's Tongue. This will give her a tongue, but will also harm her. To solve that give her the Deva's Tears. Both the tears and the tongue can be retrieved from the curiosity shop.

'Spice up' Juliette's love life
Go to the Civic festhall and talk to Montague and presume to be Juliette's lover.

Prove to Kessai-Serris that she's Ravel's daughter
After Kessai-Serris denying it go to Kimasxi and she will tell you to have Kessai-Serris contact her father. When you go back to Kessai-Serris and tell her that she contacts her father and she is convinced.

Find and return Vivian's 'personal scent'
The scent is on Marissa's Veil, which is located in the drawer of Jules, the talking armoire. You will need to grab it from the drawer as fast as you can.

Find and return Marissa's Crimson Veil
The veil is located in the drawer of Jules, the talking armoire. You will need to grab it from the drawer as fast as you can.

Find the portal key to Ravel's Maze
The portal key is a drop of blood on a handkerchief that can be retrieved from Kessai-Serris, who is the daughter of Ravel.

Obtain permission for Iannis to use Deionarra's sensory stone
Go to Splinter in the Civic festhall and ask him for the permission, which he will give you.

Retrieve Malmaner's costume from Concalves
Go in to the tailor shop and ask for the costume. When you have Fall-from-Grace in your party he will help you immediately. When not then wait until the tailor serves you.

Obtain a second costume for Malmaner
After solving the previous quest, tell Malmaner that almost everyone is dressed as a dustman and he wants you to get a second costume. Go back to the tailor shop and get a new costume.

Split Pestle and Kiln
To split Pestle-Kiln you'll need the elixir of horrific separation from the curiosity shop.

Kill Carl Parfidor
I do not know who Carl Parfidor is nor why you need to kill him. But the quest is available in the quest list!

Find and return Finam's research journal
The journal is in the brothel, in the first room on the left (the same room where the talking armoire is in). It can be found in the table at the bed.

Return Mertwyn's head to his body
The head of Merwyn is being held by some thugs outside Finam's home, in the southeast of the Clerk's Ward.

Rebuke Qui-Sai's arguments for training as a thief rather than a warrior
Rebuke Qui-Sai's argument for training as a mage rather than a warrior

Just convince him to train you as a fighter. It isn't that hard.

Learn the language of the dodecahedron puzzle box
The language can be learned from Finam the Linguist. But you will need to solve his quest, retrieving the journal, first.

Deliver your receipt to the Great foundry
The receipt is part of your legacy, which is held by Iannis. Deliver it to the clerk in the Great Foundry and you will get the portal to Ravel's Maze.

Under Sigil

Kill the Gehreleth for Voorsha
The Gehreleth is just northeast of Voorsha. Kill it and return to Voorsha.

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