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The Outlands


Assemble the key
To assemble the key you will need to accomplish the following five quests and go back to Tainted Barse of the Traitor's Gate Tavern in Curst.

Rescue Barse's daughter
Go to Inner Curst. Barse's daughter can be found left of the warehouse. She is being held captive by some guards. You will have to kill the guards to free her. Be quick, because you will have to kill them before they kill her.

Mediate in the family dispute
The family dispute is between the Blacksmith in Outer Curst and the distiller in Inner Curst. Whatever you choose you will benefit one of the two and the other will either not sell you anything anymore or charge you higher prices for their goods.

Defend the dump caretaker
Go to Kyse the dump caretaker at Outer Curst. He is being threatened by some thugs that are located in the south of Inner Curst. Talk to them, which does not help a lot, and then go quickly back to Kyse to defend him.

Deal with an official dispute
The dispute is between An'izius and Siabha, both are in the northern part of Inner Curst. You can turn one of the two in. But the best thing is probably to turn them in both to the officer at the gate

Free Dona Quisho's fiend
The fiend is in the Grane Silo near the tavern, read the scroll when you are near to the pentagram upstairs. This will free the fiend.

Free the deva
To free the deva you'll need his sword of celestial fire. The sword is located in the centre of the prison in the southeast.

Find Forked-Tongue
After freeing the deva you can leave through the portal at the northeast of the prison area. This will transport you to the outlands, Forked-Tongue is located in the skull of the giant skeleton.


Return to Curst and speak to Trias
Go to Fhjull Forked-Tongue and he will show you how to leave the outlands (at the arse of the skeleton). This will lead you to Curst Gone, from there go to Carceri. Trias is located in the Administration building.

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Planescape: Torment

Developer: Black Isle

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Setting: Fantasy
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· Released at 1999-12-10
· Publisher: Interplay

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