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Second Floor

Rise! (AR0202)

   You wake up on a cold slab and rise from it to see where you are. There are two things that strike you immediately, the first is that you don't have any clue to where you are but even more troublesome is that you don't even know who you are. This is the start of a great adventure.

A talking skull

   From the corner of your eye you see a floating skull approaching you, when he reaches you he starts to talk. Now listen to him because he gives you your valuable first time information. One of the things he tells you about is the tattoo on your back. It explains that you should go looking for a journal and a man named Pharod. Someone found it very important to tattoo that on your back, but for what reason? Morte, as the skull is named, also suggest to go looking for a weapon and a key that is on one of the zombies in the room so that the two of you can get out of there.

The first kill

   So start exploring the room, it's not so big so you should have no trouble in locating the scalpel and the bandages that offer some healing. You can examine the zombies for the key, but killing them gives you some extra XP, which you could need right now (65XP per zombie). Before you go about killing them convince Morte to join you in this, he is a bit reluctant but he will give in. So off you go and make your first kill. You will find the key on one of the zombies. Use it to open the door, which will result in you loosing the key. Don't worry about it, you will not need it again.


   The next room will offer you the possibility to start your journal. There is not a lot happening here so go North to the following room. This is the RView larger imageeceiving room and here you will find the "receiving room logbook", read it to discover there are pages missing. You should also find some copper and an iron fist. Talk to all the zombies and examine them if possible, on one of them you'll find a note (250XP). Use the note to decipher the simple code, which gets you an earring. Finally talk to Dhall in the centre of the room and ask him as much as possible to learn more about your situation. Then proceed to the next room in the NE direction.


   You're now in the room at the north. Talk to the zombies and discover on one of them the missing page from the book, which tells about your arrival. Advance to the NorthEast Preparation Room. Talk to all the zombies again and give a push to the unbalanced zombie. You can take his arm, which can be used as a club! Take the needle and thread from the badly stitched up zombie and talk to Ei-Vene in the centre. She is practically blind and deaf and she thinks you're a zombie too. She'll ask you to bring her a needle and thread and some embalming fluid. You already have the needle and thread from the zombie, so you only need to get the embalming fluid. Proceed to the next room in the south.

Not a zombie

   Talk to the first zombie you encounter here and discover that he is not a real zombie. "Encourage" him to tell you everything you want to know and learn about an escape route via a portal on the first floor, for which you need a finger bone (250XP). You can also get him to disguise you as a zombie if you want to move around more freely, but he does not do that for free. I believe you get 500XP if you do that and get 250XP if you expose him to Dhall. But you have to get back to him for that at a later time. For now go to the next room and enter the Southeast Preparation Room where you can find the embalming fluid. Also a locked container is in the room. Just bash it and it will open. Move to the SW for the last room on this floor and explore that one too.

Stitch me up

   You've done the entire floor now and got all the items for Ei-Vene. So go back to here at the Northeast Preparation Room. Before you give here the stuff, first watch her hands, this will make you remember something about corpse number 42 (250XP). Then give her the items, which will give you another 250XP. You can also let here stitch you up, which will raise you MaxHP with 1. This completes this floor so go to one of the stairways which you should have encountered (in the SE or SW room) and head for the third floor.

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Planescape: Torment

Developer: Black Isle

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· Released at 1999-12-10
· Publisher: Interplay

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