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First Floor

A BIG skeleton (AR0201)

   By the time I reached the first floor I got tired of the dustmen and started killing them. If you did so too then on entering the first floor a zombie will attack you. Kill him, he has a book of tome an ash. If you're not the killing kind then get it from him in another way. Then walk around until you meet a giant skeleton, fight him and you will probably die, but that's ok. You're dead and get the experience of being raised on the same cold slab as before. So go back again and find out that wonder of all wonders, nobody attacks you anymore. Isn't dying just great!

Falling apart

   Go to a giant skeleton (there are four of them) and examine it and it's armour. Study the symbols on them and study the runes. Compare the runes with the ones found in the book of Tome and Ash. Consult it to see how they can be broken, Mar the runes correctly and the skeleton will collapse, which gives you 800XP and a part of the magical breastplate. There are four of them, so you can repeat this.


   In the NW you'll find Deionarra, ask her about yourself and her. View larger imageBe friendly to her, it gave me 1000XP and the ability to raise party members from death. Then ask her a way out, the correct way in asking will give you 500 XP. She will tell you about the portal to which you need a key to get through and you already know what the key is to this portal. For now we do not go through the portal yet, but go to the great hall in the south.


   Dress up like a dustman (you got the robes from one of them when you killed dustmen) and go talk to Soego. When he starts to smell you be honest to him, it gives you 500 XP and he opens the gate for you.

The tomb

   There are two exits now, the one through the gate and the portal Deionarra and the disguised zoView larger imagembie talked about. It will both take you out of the mortuary. There are however some extra items going through the portal. When doing so then go to the NW at the right side of where you found Deionarra. A portal will open, go through it and enter the Tomb (AR 0206) There is not a lot to do here but to pick up the money and the note. Then read the note and exit to the left.

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Planescape: Torment

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