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Northeast Hive

Hold the thief! (AR0100)

   In the northern part you meet Fleece who seems to be lost and is looking for his aunt Marguerite, close to the mortuary. You do not know here so you leave here alone. When you finish the conversation he steals something from you. When you want to be a thief, get some training here and let him steal something again.Otherwise do with him what you want.


   You also meet Porphyron, who is covered with all kind of lines over his body, ask him about it but do not offend him. He will tell you that a necklace was stolen from him. He is a warrior but has taken a vow of non-violence. The thieves are three men that can be found outside of the Smouldering corpse bar in the Southeast Hive and one of them is wearing red.

One ear

   In the centre of the area there is the Flophouse (AR0305). Inside is Arlo, ask him to rest here and he tells you about Nestor who is scaring the customers away. He would like you to get rid of him and offers you that you can stay at his place for free always. Go to Nestor who appears to be a babbling idiot. Try to find out why he is not leaving, it appears that somebody from who he bit his ear off stole a fork from him. He holds that ear in his hand and shouts to it. Leave the flophouse and locate One-Ear to the NW near the entrance to Ragpicker's square. He tells you that a man that he once robbed haunts him. Offer him that you can make it stop. Be careful what you tell him, because one wrong word and he attacks you. If you play it clever he gives you the fork (200XP). Bring the fork back to Nesto and he will leave and give you the ear. Attached to the ear you see some earrings that increase the hide in shadows ability, which can be used by a thief. Talk to Arlo about Nestor who has gone now (500XP).
One of the hive dwellers in the flophouse seems to know you and gives you 100 copper for something you did in the past.

The box of Mar

   Outside the flophouse you'll meet Mar he has a box for you and asks you to bring it to Ku'atraa in the SE part of the Hive. Once you've taken the box he runs away. So now you're stuck with the box. You can open it and find out there is a creature inside, that you can kill. My advice is not to do that because the reward for delivering the box is far greater.
This wraps it up for this area so let's go to the south and enter the next area.

Box Art

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