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Southwest Hive

Craddock (AR0300)

   When you entered through the process of becoming a mage you've already been here and visited the market place. You also find Craddock near that market place.View larger image Tell him you got a message from Bean. He complains that he can not find the man to do the job because one of them, a man named Jhelai located near the Smouldering corpse Bar, is missing. Offer him to find the guy.

To shed a tear

   Crier of Es-Anon. This appears to be a holy man that mourns the lost city of Es-Anon. He mourns it to make sure that it is not forgotten. Offer him to find a tombstone to carve the name of Es-Anon in it so that it is not forgotten.


   The building in the centre is the Office of vermin and disease control (AR0302), where Phineas T. Lord XXXIX resides. He can buy any Cranium rat tails from you, if you have any.

Not a dustman

   Outside is Ash-Mantle who looks like a dustman but when you hear him out, he is not. Now you can either let him run away or you can kill him if you want.

Where can I find a coffin?

   Iron Nalls tells you about a coffin maker named Hamrys in the Lower ward. Not a lot you can do with that right now, beside the fact that you now know that there is a coffin maker in the Lower Ward.

What's that smell?

   In the Northeast part of the hive something smells badly. When you go there you find out that it's a man named Reekwind. He will tell you that someone in and of the upper wards, who dresses in orange, placed a curse upon him. If you find him you can try to relieve the curse.

Go to the exit at the Southeast to the next area.

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