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Southeast Hive

Ku'atraa's box? (AR0400)

   At the west side of the area is Ku'atraa's place (AR3009), go in and try to give Ku'atraa the box. He doesn't want it (250XP) and tells you to bring it to Brasken at the Southwest Hive , from which you just came.

The necklace

   There is a large building here in the centre. At the left side of the building you find a thug in red and black, confront him about the robbery of the necklace from Porphyron and convince him to give you the necklace (500XP). You can do this without entering into a fight.

Unfriendly Jhelai

   Near the entrance of the building you'll find Jhelai. Tell him that Craddock needs him (250XP). However Jhelai does not want to go and has a not so friendly message you can bring back to Craddock.

The sister

   Across the entrance of the building is Amaryse, a harlot. Tell here about Nodd, She gives you a pouch of money you can bring to Nodd in the ragpicker's square.

For Sev'Tai

   At the right side of the building you'll find the Starved Dog Barking thugs. Kill them for Sev'Tai.

No sister

  At the north side there is a damsel in distress that claims that here sister has been killed. Look at the blood at her dress and don't believe here. Eventually she will tell the truth (500XP).

What's cooking?

   Now enter the large building, which is the Smouldering Corpse bar (AR0402) View larger image Upon entering the bar you immediately see why it is called the smouldering corpse bar. In front of you there is a person floating above a grill. From his body an immense heat is emerging. Drusilla, which is close by explains that the smouldering corpse is Ignus a wizard who has a special relation with fire and burning things. To stop him several witches and mages came together and created a channel to the plane of fire. She also says that if someone would be able to douse him, then he might return to the living again, although he is not really death now. Maybe you can do something about that at a later time. Now investigate the bar to meet some interesting characters.

The people you meet!

   Dak'kon: Talk to him, he will tell about his people. It appears that he has something to hide but he is willing to join you in you're quest (1000XP).
O: This is a seriously strange man that seems to know you. Talk to him in the right way and it can increase you're wisdom permanently.
Aethelgrin and Tegar'in: They appear to be deserters from Baator and are very dangerous. There is not a lot you can do with them, so leave them alone.
Candrian: He is an experienced planewalker. Tell him about Ingress and he offers to help her. You will have to go back to Ingress to tell her that and then meet the planewalker in the bar again.
Ebb Creaknees: He is a tout and can tell you a lot about Sigil.

Is that my eye?

   Burkis is another one that seems to know you. He appears to have you're eye (1000XP). Buy it and replace you're current eye with it. It will gain you some memory and increases you're proficiency. He also offers you a task that is easy to complete. At the other side of the bar there is someone named Mochai that has a large bar tap. He would like here to pay up. Go to here, where you see that it is a dustman. Talk to here and discover that she is not a real dustman at all and confront here with it. In the process you find out that she is not a dustmen. Confront here with the bar tap. She has no money but asks you if you're willing to give her 100 copper pieces to give to Burkis as a percentage. You agree and she pays Burkis with the money. Burkis now tells you that you can drink for free during the rest of your live (and 1000XP).

Collecting time

   Now it's time to wrap up some of the quests, so leave the bar and go back to the NE Hive to tell Bean that you've relayed the message (500XP).
Tell Sev'Tai that you killed the three men and she hands you an earring (and 500XP). ). Then go to Death of-Names and let him carve the name of Es-Annon in the tombstone (500XP). For an extra 500 XP go back to the Crier of Es-Annon in the SW Hive and tell him about it.
Also locate Ingress and tell here about the planewalker. You now have to go back to the Smouldering Corpse bar to collect the XP.

The mausoleum

   Go to the mausoleum (AR0208), you have the key already that opens the portal. When you enter a guardian spirit meets you. He tells you that somebody else has already past. Offer hView larger imageim to get rid of the intruder. He accepts and let you pass. This area is trapped, so it would be convenient to have somebody around with thieving skills. At the lower left corner there is the entry to the inner chamber (AR0209). You are met by a mage named Strahan Runeshadow. Whatever you do he is going to attack you, so be prepared. He will cast spells to you, but like all spell throwing mages, they can not cast spells when they are attacked. So make sure that he is kept busy. You can ignore the skeletons, because once Strahan is killed View larger imagethe skeletons fall apart. There is some very interesting stuff here among other things the diary of Strahan. When you leave the inner chamber you are met by the guardian spirit (2000XP) who thanks you. There is nothing left to do so leave the mausoleum.
Go back to Norochj and tell him about the mausoleum (1000XP).

New teath

   Visit the Smouldering Corpse bar and talk to Candrian the planewalker. He gives you the teath of Ingress (750XP). Morte can use them, because they offer extra hit points.


   At the right side of the area is Fell's tattoo shop (AR0404). Talk to Fell, he has some information about you. Also visit the area behind the curtain. You can get some additional tattoos to improve your abilities or that of your party members. Come back often, because the tattoos he offers differ depending on the new abilities you acquire in your quests.

Brasken's box?

   Locate Brasken's kip (AR0206) in the SW Hive and give him the box. De doesn't want it either. He can tell you about the box though and that maybe Shilandra in the NE Hive knows what to do with it (250XP).

Working time

   Go to Craddock and relay him the message of Jhelai (500XP) and offer him to fall in for Jhelai, which will gain you some copper.

Shilandra's box?

   Now go to the NE Hive and locate Shilandra's kip (AR0206). Ask her about the box. She will tell you that there is a powerful fiend in the box. Ask her all there is to know about the box (250XP). She directs you to the priest in the cathedral, located in the Alley of the Dangerous Angels, which connects the NE Hive with the SW Hive. So let's go there now.

Box Art

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