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Let's kill William (AR0301)

   At the entrance of the alley there are some Darkalley Shiv's. They ask for a passage fee, for the moment be careful and pay up. The Shiv's leave you alone now and you can progress through the alley. After a while you meet the Razor Angels and their leader named Krystall. Talk to her and she offers free passage for always if you kill the leader of the Darkalley Shiv's; Rotten William. Accept the offer for now and see what you want to do later.

No, kill Blackrose

   At the north there is Blackrose, he asks you to kill Krystall and Rotten William. He is a real bad guy and telling him you don't accept will make him attack you. But not accepting is a good option, so make sure you have plenty of healing potion when you confront him.

Kill Krystall?

   Now go to the Southeast and meet more Darkalley Shiv's and Rotten William. He makes you an offer to kill Krystall for a mere 300. Yust accept that too. The Darkalley Shiv's leave you alone now for the moment, which offers you the possibility to explore the area.

The burned building

   There is a burned building close to William (AR3012), which you can investigate. Inside there are some mages in training and somebody named Rauk. He tells you that he is in trouble, because he forgot three rings from his tent; a brown, shiny and yellow one, which stands for bronze silver and gold. Why not be friendly and offer him to collect them. So exit the building and go directly to the tent across the entrance (AR3007). In it you find a bronze ring. Inside another tent to the east you see a woman who appears to be looking for something, when you ask her she immediately leaves. This is where you find the silver ring.

Getting Sigil angry

   Now exit the tent and face a ruined cathedral (AR3006D). Look for the entry to it, which might require some searching. Inside the ruined cathedral you meet Aola, a priest of Aoskar, the keeper of gateways. He tells you that he is the only one of his disciples and that every new initiate never returns. Apparently it has something to do with Sigil, who is not too happy with the god he honours. You can accept to join him, which will annoy Sigil and brings you to a maze later on.

Aola's box!

   Talk to Aola about the box (1000XP). If you listened carefully you should know by now that there is a gem in the box. Because there is no other way to get it, you can kill him or pickpocket it from him. This last option is only possible when you are a thief or have Annah in your team, which will be later so you can come back for the gem then. You need the gem to solve the quest of Jarym.

Kill William

   View larger imageNow leave the cathedral and think about the problem of Krystall and Rotten William. Remember that they are enemies and when they face each other they will start a fight and try to kill the other one. You can lure the Shiv's into following you and bring them to the Razor Angels. They will engage into a battle. Now you can repeat this until most of them are killed. I decided to let Krystall live, so I killed William. She rewards you with 1500XP each for Blackrose and William and gives you a hefty sum of money. In the tent close by you find the golden ring.

A killer Lim-Lim

   Now head back to the burned building and give the rings to Rauk. He immediately gives them to the mages, which start to perform some magic. An animal appears, which is named a Lim-Lim and it directly starts killing the mages. Well that means it's collecting time and you can gather all the items from the mages. Say goodbye to the Lim-Lim and Rauk and head west to the SE Hive.

Getting mazed

   When you joined Aoskar then Sigil appears to you and she will cast you into a maze. You will be alone there and Morte will wait for your return. If you didn't join then you still have the opportunity to get to the maze at a later stage.

Cleaning up

   This seems to be about it for now. So it's time to investigate Pharod. But first give the necklace back to Porphiron in the NW Hive. Tell him the truth about how you acquired it (1000XP). Porphiron can also teach you some fighting skills if you're a fighter or transform you back into a fighter if you are a mage or a thief. While you are here let's pay Mar a visit, he is hiding but when you follow the dead Lim-Lims you will find him. Let him tell you why he gave you the box (1250XP). Now go to the Ragpicker's square and locate Nodd and tell him about his sister (750XP), also give him the pouch. Then go to Jarym (the mage in the hut in the southern part of the area) and give him the gem (500XP). There is an archway that will lead to a portal, which appears if you have some junk. The portal leads to the other side of the archway. Once you've gone through the portal go to the door at the left, which takes you to the Trash Warrens.

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