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Trash Warrens

Trash Warrens (AR0108)

   The first person you meet here is a collector named Anamoli, convince him to leave you alone and he will.
At the north side of the area there is a portal, that will teleporView Larger Imaget you to a place infested with Cranium rats. The cranium rats are the most dangerous when they are together. The best thing to do is to try to separate them so that they will no longer cast spells at you, which makes them an easy kill. After you did that you can pick up the goodies and go back.
At the Southeast you meet Bish. Beyond him there is a gateway down to the Buried Village. If you can convince Bish that you are just passing through (1200XP) he will not harm you, so go through the gateway beyond him down to the Buried Village.

Buried Village (AR0109)

   A city buried below an other city. People actually live here, but they are not the friendliest ones. One of the first you'll encounter is Ku'u Yin. He does not know his name and number any more because a woman named Radine has taken it from him. He is in front of Ojo's house (AR0106). When you go in you'll find Ojo who appears to have been bitten by something, but becomes agitated when you ask him about it, so leave him alone.


   At the west there lives Marta (AR0107), who has a strange hobby. She picks the teeth and removes the stitches from corpses and also examines their internals. Apparently she is doing this for Pharod. You can get here to have a look at your intestines (500XP). She will find a ring for you and in the process leave you with some of your intestines (which come in handy later). Leave her alone and go south.


   View Larger ImageYou'll encounter Radine south of Marta's house. If you ask her nicely, you get the name and number of Ku'u Yin (250XP) without a fight. You can give her some jink for the trouble, depending on what you want your character to become. With the name and number go back to Ku'u Yin and give it to him (2500XP). He gives you his number back, which is a tattoo that will protect you from chaotic people.


   At the northern part of the area there is a shop (AR3006C) where you can exchange some goods, if you like. The guy to trade with is named Quint and he tells you that he lost a necklace to someone named Gris, who should be in the catacombs.


   A collector named Uhir is walking around in the Southeast, he apparently has lost his knife when fighting in the catacombs with a ghoul, and asks you to retrieve it for him.


   At the East there is Pharod's Court (AR0110). He will tell you about yourself if you get him a bronze sphere from the catacombs. You can convince him however to tell you about the corpses. They appear to be corpses that where buried by the Dustmen. He digs them up again and sells them back to the dustman as new corpses.
He also tells you that to get to the catacombs you should go through the gates at the South. In principle you have enough to go back to the dustmen and tell them about it, but going to the catacombs pays off very nicely, so off you go to the Southeast up to the gate. Tell the guards at the gate that Pharod send you and they will open it for you. Walk through it and enter the catacombs.

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