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Dead Nations

The reception (AR1500)

   There are quite a bunch of people here that appear to be waiting. One of them is Hargrimm the Bleak. He tells you to submit to the Silent King. If you don't you'll have to fight them all and Hargrimm is a tough bugger. If you do then you can walk around freely but not until you have been brought to Soego, a dustmen that you've met before.
Agree and meet Soego, who appears to have a task to convince the ghouls and zombies to die instead of living the life they live. Now you can walk around and meet some interesting persons.

The skeletons

   Puzzled skeleton; he has a riddle for you, which was given to him by another skeleton.
Riddling skeleton; you can gain some XP from hive if you intelligence is high enough by challenging him.
Doubtful skeleton; He does not know what to do, live or die. Soego might be interested in that, which we tell him later on.


   She tells you that she is the leader of the pack of ghouls and that she can't wait to kill everyone. One of the pack is a knifed ghoul. He has the knife of Uhir, you can get it by exchanging some money.


   You can gain information from him and learn that you should coView Larger Imagenvince Stale Mary to teach you to speak her language. He doesn't trust Acaste and her pack because only the Silent King's word keeps them from killing everybody. He does not like it that Soego is around because if everyone would listen to him then the number of inhabitants would diminish quickly. He will not let you speak to the Silent King that has a castle close by, which is guarded by two big skeletons.

Stale Mary

  She seems to be one of the few intelligent zombies, but you can not understand here. Let her touch you and she will teach you to speak to the death (3750XP). You'll also learn about a portal to the Silent King's quarters (although I never found it). Let's come back for this one later.
You will also be able to talk to the zombies now. One of them is a nameless zombie, who wants her name back. I don't have the faintest idea of where to get a name for her, but you are able to convince her to take on an other one (5000XP).

Soego's quarters

   Go back to Soego's quarters, talk to him about the doubtful skeleton. He thanks you, but that's all you get. He will leave to go to the skeleton and you can enter his quarters. Open the metal slab in his room and you'll find a journal in it (2000XP). It's Soego's journal and when you read it you find out that Soego is spying for Many-As-One (The cranium rats).

The head of Soego

   Now you can confront Soego with the information you found and he will turn into a Wererat. Kill him and you can take his head, then go tell it to Hargrimm (3750XP). Optionally you can choose not to confront Soego and tell Hargrimm about it. He will then confront Soego (3750XP). When talking to Hargrimm, ask him why you can not leave, he will eventually tell you that you need to accomplish a task first. There are some Cranium rats around that he wishes you to kill.

Killer rats

   You will find them in the east part of the area, kill them and go back to Hargrimm again. Tell him you killed the rats (3750XP) and he will allowe you to leave (7500XP). He also tells you that the bronze sphere is in the drowned nation catacombs of which the entrance is just west before the exit gate.

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