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Drowned Nation

Drowned Nation catacomb (AR1700)

   There are ghouls here who will not harm you because you are still under the protection of the Silent King. In contrast the Vargouilles and Trocopotaca's will. If you play it clever then you can lead the vargouilles to the ghouls, who will attack them. It will not gain you any XP but it will diminish their number. When this is not enough then try to separate them into small groups or individuals and then attack them.

Flask of endless water

   View Larger Image At the centre of the area there is a stairway down. There are a lot of Vargouilles here but you will find the flask of endless water that you can use on Glyve in the Weeping Stone catacombs and on Ignus.

The sphere

   To the Southeast there is a sealed passageway leading to a tomb, only you can enter so you will have to leave you're party members behind. Before you do make sure that you have some room in your inventory to store some items. Just before the entrance to the east the bronze sphere is located (you can also pick it up later). Now go through the passageway into the tomb if you want. (There is also a possibility to go there later on in the game).

Morte the liar?

   Once you get back (if you didn't go, remember what to do next for later on), make Morte and Dak'kon join you again and talk to Morte Let him read the tattoo again, but now completely (1000XP). Although you might have some second thoughts about him keep him in your party. Now go back to where you entered the drowned nations. Just before exiting the area go to the Northeast to the Warrens of Thought.

Warrens of Thought (AR1600)

   Upon entering the warrens of thought, you'll meet Martuok. You can tell him that Soego has sent you and he will bring you to the Cranium Rat Collective. They want you to kill the Silent king. The only way to exit here without fighting is by agreeing to that. The alternative is to tell Martuok that it is all a mistake and he'll send you to a holding chamber out of which you can get by offering the gaurds some money (3750XP), but you will have to fight you're way out of the area. There are some nice goodies to be found, like maces and a flask at the northern part of the area.
Once you are finished her go back to the weeping stone catacomb.

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