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More Catacombs

Crypt of the embraced (AR1405)

    Inside the crypt in the middle there is a coffin. Open it to find that there is a man inside named Grys who is dead. If you have been to Stale Mary then you're able to talk to him. He was one of the buried villagers and he has some goods stashed away to the west of Ojo's place and south of Marta's (which also contains the necklace of Quint). If you don't want to fight then run before the ghouls get you after you finished talking to him

Water for Glyve

    Go to Glyve and give him some of the water (5000XP). He tells you to go to Nemelle in the clerk's ward in upper Sigil who will have the command word for using the decanter (you need them both in order to save Ignus).

The Silent King

   Now assuming that you decided to find out about the Silent King and that like me you are unable to locate the portal. You will have to get the key from Hargrimm. You can decide to kill him for it. But that would turn everybody against you and Hargrimm is not easy to kill. When you have a thief (e.g. you can come back later with Annah) than you can pickpocket him for it. With the key you can enter the Throne Room (AR1501).
At the moment you open the door everybody turns on you. So View Larger Imagerun into the room to find out that the Silent King is silent because he is death. You can take his head. If you came here from the portal then taking his head will make everybody turn against you at that point. Now with the head run like hell and go directly back to the Warrens of thoughts and visit the Cranium Rat Collective (AR1601). Tell them about the Silent King (7500XP) and gain during the conversation an additional 4000XP. Now they tell you to leave. Once you exit the room, everybody here turns on you too. You can decide to fight them, or do like I did; Run out of the catacombs.

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