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Pharod & Annah

The necklace

   Return to the Buried Village and locate the necklace just south of Martha's house (It's a bit difficult to find). With the necklace go to Quint that gave you the job in finding the necklace and offer it to him (7500XP). Go to Uhir and give him back the knife (5000XP).

Pharod and Annah

   Go to Pharod and give him the sphere (15000XP). Ask him about yourself and learn several things even though it is a bit difficult to extract the information from him. In the end he will tell you that your body was last found by Annah and she just might have taken something from you're body. This is where you meet Annah again. She can take you to where she found you're body, although it is a bit unclear whether or not she actually took something from you. Annah will join your party if you want. Talk to Annah about yourself and she apparently has a ring that belonged to you, take it back. You'll also learn that you will have to pass through something that looks like a painting but is actually a door in the tenement of thugs. If you want you can talk to Annah and make her like you, and I mean like you a lot!

The Vault

   If you listened through the conversation you are able to make up that the crouch of Pharod is a key to a portal that leads to his vault. If you want it at this time than you will have to kill him for it. If you do then go with the crouch to the arch and use the crouch on it. You then go to the vault (AR0105). Inside the vault just pick up all the goodies from the alcoves. Strangely enough there is no money here but there is however a piece of cheese, but I don't have a clue about what to do with it. When you don't kill him now, you have the opportunity to come back at a later time and get the crouch from him without killing.

When you are finished return to the Ragpicker's Square.

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Planescape: Torment

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