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Joining Dustman


   Upon entering the Ragpicker's Square go to Sharegrave and tell him where Pharod gets the bodies and cash the reward.

Go tell the dustman

   Then go to the Gathering Dustmen bar (NE Hive) and talk to Emoric. Tell him about where Pharod gets the bodies (2500XP) and get some copper.

Joining the dustmen

   You can also join the dustmen here. If you accept then some tasks are asked of you to complete. This will gain you some XP's and you can still say no after the last task. The first task is to talk to Norochj, who tells you about the thief posting as a dustman. You already met him so tell that to Emoric (750XP) and you get some copper. Now Emoric want's you to talk to Awaiting-death, which you already did too (250XP). Next he wants you to talk to Sere, again we did that (500XP). Finally he wants to find out about Soego, which we already know, so we tell him that (2500XP). Now you've got the XP's and can decide to join or not to join (I decided not, because their believes are not mine).

Another Wererat

With the rattails you should have by now go to Phineas and sell them to him, then talk to him again and he will offer you a quest. There is a wererat in the basement. get the key from Phineas and just kill the wererat. After killing it, open up the crate for some items. Then head back to Phineas for 1000XP.

   Now it is time to follow your quest and go to the Tenement of Thugs in the SE Hive. Before you do that you sell the stuff you collected up to now. You might also consider buying a Lim-Lim at the market (although you never really need it) and you could go back to Fell to see what additional tattoos he has. When you're ready go to the Tenement of thugs.

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