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Tenement of Thugs

First floor (AR0403)

   When you are at the tenement walk up to the door, close your eyes and open it to enter the building. Before you progress, note that the Tenement has traps. You best let Annah use her detect trap ability and once found disarm them. Close to the entrance there is Sybil. She tells you that behind the door there are a lot of Starved Barking Thugs and there are some big ones among them so listen to her. She tells you that you might slip by them through a locked door at the right side of the room. However the door is locked and the key is somewhere in the upper floors. The stairway is in the east side of the area.

Second floor

   On the second floor there are some thugs and you can collect some goodies, beware of the traps however.

Third floor

   On the third floor there is a door, behind the door there are two Starved Dog Barking thugs including a veteran which are a lot harder to kill. Once you killed them let Annah enter and disarm the trap. She will be spotted by a mage however that will attack her. So after disarming the trap let her run back. Now you have to stop the mage. The easiest way is to send to him a swarm of flies, which will make it relatively impossible for him to cast any spells and he has become an easy target. He has the key on him, so now you can go back to the ground floor.

Back again

   Back on the ground floor there is a closed door on the right side of the area. This is the storeroom, you can bash it in or let Annah lockpick it. Inside there is one container that can be bashed or picked. Beware of the trap however. If you can not bash it or lockpick it then you can come back later with some keys.

The locked door

   The locked door that opens with the key you have is in the same room where two thugs are waiting for you. Kill the thugs and you can open the door and make you're way to the exit, preferably running. You can consider fighting everybody inside, but that's a big battle so take care.
There is also another way. Do not open the door and go to the room at the east instead. There is a hidden door (at X=850, y=2660) that can be detected by Annah. Now there is only a small distance to the exit. You can let View larger imageAnnah go to stealth mode and enter the room. In my case I placed here in such a position that the first veteran was in sight. On him I let Morte send his litany, which immediately causes him to attack Morte. Kill him and find on him the keys of the storeroom and the container. But if you already opened them than you don't need them.
There is an easy way to go to the exit from here. Let Annah go into stealth mode and let her go through the exit alone. Nobody sees here and without any other party member only moving an inch inside the room you automatically all pass through the exit. This means you can go through the room without starting a fight.
Before you go however make sure that you have a prybar. There is one located in the Tenement, so if you don't have it yet, first try to find it. You need it at a later stage.

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