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Lower Ward, pt1

Stealing Morte (AR0500)

   Once you enter the lower ward some wererats appear that are looking for a skull and are just in time to meet Morte. They take him without you being able to do something about it. To find out what happened to him go around and try to find out (you can also run like hell and follow them to find out where he is gone but it does not make much of a difference). Do not forget to pick up all the items that were dropped by Morte when he was captured.


    The part of the area you are in now has several interesting inhabitants. Go talk to all of them. First off there is Sebastion a kind of a mage. He claims that he can help you with your scars and alleviate the worst of your condition. In turn he wants a job to be done. He signed a contract with an Abishai named Grosuk, but he can't fulfil it. You'll learn from him that Abishai can only be harmed with magical weapons. The Abishai is located in the east, beyond the Siege tower. He also tells you of the history of the ward and about the Shadow-Sorcelled key that is capable of opening all the portals (500XP). Furthermore he can tell you that Morte is in the possession of the Master-of-Bones, named Luthor, which you can find through a ruined house in the Ward.

The fighter

    There is also a fighter named Korur that can teach you some fighting skill or change you back into a fighter.

A mystery from Dak'kon

   Also Kii'na a ghitzerai is there. She knows Dak'kon but they are not the best of friends. She tells you certain things about Dak'kon. Confront him with it and learn more about Dak'kon.

Xanthia and the Tokola

   Xanthia tells you about an upcoming fight between 3 Thokola's and an Abishai. The fight is being held because the Thokola's spilled their drinks over her dress and she forced them to have a fight with the Abishai. She conveniently forgot to mention to the Thokola's that the Abishai can only be harmed with magic. That is no reason to die so you go tell the Thokola's about that (6000XP) for which they are very grateful. Go back to Xanthia and tell her what you did (2000XP). She is angry with you and will not forget!

Byron Pikit

   Near the marketplace you'll find Byron Pikit who appears to be lending people money. Ask him about the lower ward and why he is there. Talking in the right way can give you some XP (2000XP). He then also tells you to talk to Lenny who is at the east of the market place. But we're not going to do that yet.

Giltspur the trader

   Also near the marketplace is Giltspur, you can trade with him and he can also offer you a place to rest. He can also tell you about Lothar and where to locate him. Additionally he has a job for you. It's the first of a number of errands he wants you to run. For this one he wants you to go to the print shop owner and let him print 100 copies of a piece of paper he gives you.

Trist the enslaved

   Go to the north of the area where you find a slave trader named Deran. Talk to him to find out what he does. After that talk to the woman named Trist. She has a sad story to tell you about her husband who died right after he paid for an outstanding loan. Unfortunately the document stating that is missing and the loansman (Byron Pikit) wants his money. So she has to become a slave to pay the loan. During the conversation it becomes very likely that the document was stolen (maybe by Pikit and his companion Lenny). Agree to retrieve the document for her.

The Print Shop

   The print shop (AR0509) is a bit to the right of the slave trader. Give the print shop owner the message. Then go back to Giltspur and collect the reward (6000XP). He than gives you a message to bring to Keldor at the foundry. We'll do that a bit later in the game.

The Pawn Shop

   In the south of the area there is a pawn shop (AR0505) where you can trade. From there go to the east to locate the Coffin maker Hamrys.

Hamrys the coffin maker (AR0506)

   Inside the workplace there are 2 man. The first is Dimtree, he is a zombie that is very sad because Hamrys just won't stop talking. He wants you to go to Sebastion to put him out of his misery. Hamrys is a very talkative man. Ask him about his father, who was a talented stonesman. At that time you get a memory (500XP) about a tomb. Ask Hamrys if he knows the tomb and if there are plans of it. He knows it and the plans are in the warehouse in the northern part of the area, so go to the warehouse (AR0510) and get the plans. Before you go back to Hamrys go to Sebastion.

Freeing Dimtree

   Pay a visit to Sebastion and ask him about Dimtree. At first he is not willing to release Dimtree but he is willing to let you take a peek in his book so that you can do it instead (4000XP). Go to the coffin maker and releave Dimtree of his troubles (4000XP), then tell Hamrys you got the plans (2000XP).

The skulls of Lothar

   Now go to the wrecked building a bit left to the coffin maker. This is the location where Morte should be. Go through the door and step in a nicely illuminated building (AR0507). Then head down the ladder to where Morte is and of course Lothar (AR0508). Tell him that he has a skull that belongs to you. View Larger ImageHe is willing to trade it to a greater skull and offers you a passage to a tomb. This is the same tomb as the one you already visited before in the drowned nations, so you don't have to go there if you don't want. However if you do, you get to enter an area below where you can chnage your alignment towards neutral or evil.
If you don't want to go tell him that there are no skulls there (30000XP) and offer him Soego's skull (15000XP), or the skull of the Silent King if you took that (15000XP).
If you do decide to go to the tomb then first talk to the skulls on the shelves. You'll learn several things and gain some XP (2000XP). Among others you'll learn that Martuok is in the passageway to the tomb and serves both Lothar and Many-as-one. He also has a book that is very dangerous. You can go there by moving the divan in the centre and enter the Bones of the Night. Here you meet Martuok and several wererats. You can kill them for the XP and get the tomb from Martuok. The tomb is the book of Grimoire of Pestilent Thought and it can give you powers. The powers however will change your alignment towards evil., so be aware of that before using it.
Before you leave, go talk to Lothar. He tells you about Ravel Puzzlewell, who is responsible for making you immortal. She has been mazed by the Lady, but he does not know where the maze is. Morte has gained from this experience the "Skull Mob" ability.

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