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Lower Ward, pt2

The market place (AR0504)

    The market place is the big building in the centre of the lower ward. At one of the entrances you'll see Corvus standing. Go talk to him and notice that he is a bit distracted and looks at something behind you. You'll find out that he is watching a woman. Apparently he likes here but is afraid to talk to her. Go to her and find out her name is Karina. She is a bit talkative, but she is not so bad. Let her know that you like her (2000XP). Then go back to Corvus. Tell him the woman's name is Karina and that she is just as lonely as he is (2000XP). Then go to Karina and she will thank you for talking to Corvus (500XP).

The mystery of the Siege Tower

    Near Karina, you'll find Lazlo, talk to him and find out about the Siege Tower and how it can be entered.

To catch a thief

   In the market place you can trade spells, magical items and weapons if you want to. Leave the market place and go to the right of it (south of the Siege tower), where Lenny is. Talk to him about the stolen papers and he tries to run, but you are able to stop him. He tells you about the missing document that is in the warehouse (4000XP). He also tells you that there is some incriminating evidence against Piket that you should give to trustworthy member of the Harmonium. Lenny can also teach you to be a thief.

Incriminating evidence

   Go to the warehouse and collect the papers. Then go to the slave trader Deran and hand him the document (4000XP). Talk to trist, who is very happy now (4000XP) and she gives you some money. Now go to Corvus and give him the evidence against Piket (2000XP). Corvus will make sure that Piket is removed from the streets.

The Abishai

   Across the print shop there is the Siege Tower, of which you should have heard by now from the people in the Lower Ward. At the right side of this tower you meet Grosuk, the Abashai. He tells you that Sebastion should deliver him the information about how to enter the Siege tower. Now there are two options that you can pursue. The first is to kill him and be done with it (I did that). Note that you need magical weapons for that. The second is that you can trick him in to letting you live when you tell him the truth about you being hired by Sebastion and that you don't have the information. The result is than that the Abashai, without you being able to do something about it kills Sebastion. You can get some stuff from Sebastion then (which is not much mind you).

The Siege Tower

   Walk to the drawbridge on the right and suppress you're desire to View Larger Imageenter and the portal opens. Go through it and enter the tower (AR0501). Inside you see a giant metal man named Coaxmetal, who has a way of looking at immortality that strikes you. He appears to be able to devise a weapon that can kill an immortal. You give him a drop of your blood (1000XP) and you gain a weapon; The blade of the immortal. You can only use it on yourself when you are in a shell that shuts you off from the planes.
You can also trade weapons here if you want.

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