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The Great Foundry

The Great Foundry (AR0502)

   Now leave the tower and go to Sebastion to collect your reward (4000XP). You gain a +2 in charisma from him. Go to the Great Foundry and tell the guard that you have a message for Keldor. He will let you in and you can enter the foundry. When you enter you see a forge. Several godsman and godsman workers are working there. Talk to them to learn more about the foundry.

Joining the Godsman

   Go to the door on the right and enter the godsman hall (AR0503). Go through the main doors and meet Keldor, give him the message. You can join the godsman now. If you don't want to, go along anyhow, it gains you extra XP and you can still choose not to become a godsman in the end. The first task he puts upon you is to create an item at the forge. So of you go to the forge, but how to create something? If you talked to several people than you know by now that there is a clerk where you can get some items. He is in the room next to the godsman hall. From him you get a hammer, aprin and tongs. He can also tell you to get some ore from Thildon.
The clerck also accepts receipts of items that he is keeping. You don't have a receipt but the trick is that you let Annah pickpocket him to get one and then give it back to him. You then get a mace named the Justifier, which is a real nice weapon for a fighter.

The forge

   So off you go to the forge. When you talk to the godsman View Larger Imagethen you've learned what you have to do. So ready the tongs, pick up the ore and hold it in the flames. Place the softened ore on the forge and work it into shape. You can forge several items. It doesn't matter what you create however. Now go to Keldor and show it to him (8000XP) and get ready for your next task.

To catch a murderer

   The second task is to track down a murderer. Go to the foundry's main hall and talk to Allissa Tield. She tells you that either Thildon, Saros or Bedai-Lihn committed the murder. Talk to Thildon, he is around there somewhere. Ask him about the murder. Also talk to the workers to learn about Thildon. Then go to the Godsman hall, before the entrance of the hall is Sarossa, the sister of Saros and the daughter of Sandoz, one of the factors. She can tell you that Saros is not much of a believer in the godsman way. Then go to Saros in the godsman hall. He will tell you that he saw Thildon coming out of the foundry and dropped an awl with the name Thildon on it, which he gives you. Now also talk to Bedai-Lihn, who is on the balcony. Then go back to Thildon to confront him about the awl. He then incriminates Saros and Bedai-Lihn because they are revolutionaries. So you end up going back and forth between them. Until you finally get it. Thildon committed the murder and Saros is not a true godsman. Now go to Keldoz and tell him that Thildon did it, but spare Saros (10000XP). There are some alternatives here that you can also select if you want, like letting Thildon flee, or not sparing Saros.


   Keldos gives you the third task. Sandoz is in his quarters and is suicidal. You have to bring him on other thoughts. First go to Saros, go talk to him about what happened (200XP). Saros thanks you and apparently has chosen to better his life. Then go to his sister and talk about her father. She tells you what happened to him. Then go to the godsman quarters, which are located behind the entrance at the right side. Before you get there you meet Nihl Xander one of the engineers. He has made a dreambuilder for you, which was started by his father a long time ago. You do not remember any of this, but then again you don't remember a lot. To complete it he needs some blood and skin from you in a green-blue bottle! After talking to him go upstairs to Sandoz (AR0511) and talk some sense into him. Then return to Keldoz and tell him that you succeeded (8000XP). Then you can join the godsman. If you don't you miss out on some stuff. I joined them because I figured their ideas weren't so bad. Once you joined you can ask Keldoz for some healing. Also you can ask him if you can rest there. What you really need to do is buy a weapon from him. Depending on the fact if you are a thief, fighter or mage you can buy another weapon. They are great, buy the one you need!

The secret project

   Ask Keldoz about the secret project that you heard about in your conversations. He will give you a token. With the token you canView Larger Image enter the armory, which is the big gate at the left side of the foundry hall. Go there and show the token to the guard, who will open the door for you (AR0512). Inside you see a big device, by talking to the workers there you find out that it is both a device of destruction and a device of peace. Go to the Ghitzerai woman Kel'lara and talk to her. She tells you that the contract came from the Baatezu. You also learn that the token you have will give you some form of diplomatic immunity if you ever meet them. She does not think very highly of the engineers, Nihl Xander and Bedai-Lihn however. As you learned from them the feeling is mutual. For the moment that's about it. There is nothing to do for the time being so leave the foundry.

Giltspur again

   Go to Giltspur and tell him you delivered the message (6000XP). Now he gives you a handbill that should be delivered to Barkis at the Smoldering Corpse Bar. Go there and give him the message. This is a nice moment to take the opportunity to go to Fell and chek out the tattoos he has now. As you will find out there are some new ones. Go back to Giltspur and collect the bonus (8000XP).

Ghitzerai and Ghitanki

   There are two open issues left now. The first is An'ari a Ghitzerai woman outside the foundry gates that is dying. Dak'kon tells you that as a ghitzerai he owes it to her to kill her. Let him do that. The second is Yi'minn a ghitganki that are enemies of the ghitzerai. He will attack Dak'kon let them fight and soon his friends will join him. The rest of the party can then fight them. This whole exercise gains you XP and some jink.
Then head for the SE of the area to the Upper ward (Clerk's Ward).

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