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Clerk's Ward

Clerk's Ward (AR0600)

   This is where the upper class of Sigil lives. Walk around and talk to everyone. Explore the area as much as possible. You can meet a lot of people here. One of them is Dilligence and her body guard Matter-of-course. I told her my live story, but there does not seem to be a quest here. You will also meet Jolmi's Messenger somewhere. He brings a message from his Mistress Jolmi at the Civic Festhall. She wants to meet you.

The drunken mage

   At the bar in the east there is a drunken mage. He lost his apprenticeship because of his drinking. Apparently he drinks from an enchanted mug.


   Also at the bar is Nemelle, who will tell you the command word (Nildenosaj) for the encanter. She'll also ask you to find her companion Aelwyn. Offer her to help.

Advocates house (AR0607)

   The advocate Lannis is the father of Deionarra, who you met at the mortuary. Learn from him about your relationship with Deionarra who was a member of the sensates and that she had the gift of 'sight'.

Curiosity Shop (AR0609)

   Talk to Vrischuka, who claims that she can help you. This is a shop with some really weird stuff in it, that you need later.

Art & Curio galleria (AR0608)

   Talk to Yvana and ask her about Ravel. There is some strange art here. One of them is a statue that you can break off a part if you have a small hammer. At one of the paintings you gain a memory (200XP). Make sure you visit all the paintings and the other art.

Apothecary (AR0612)

   Talk to Pestle Kilnn, the apothecary. He is a man that behaves strangely, which is caused by drinking too much of his own potions and he is kind of two persons now. Maybe you can find something for him to help. He can make you a potion of your blood and skin that you need for the dreambuilder.

Brothel of intellectual slating lust (AR0605)

   A brothel of intellectuality! That sounds like fun. Inside the brothel you meet Fall-from-Grace a winged woman and sensate. From her you learn that this is a brothel to stimulate your intellect. She knows a lot so ask her a lot. You can ask her to join you on you're travels but she first wants you to talk to the 10 sensate woman that are in training there. So let's do that.


   Try to debate her or play a game. You will loose and will find out that someone named Merriman has the keys to her heart and that stops her from falling in love with someone else (that someone is close by). Offer her to help and she'll tell you that you can find him at the Civic festhall. Close to her are also some Modrons that are spying on her. It is however not clear why.


   Vivian, is looking for something that can be smelled, a scent. She is missing it.

A talking Armoire

   Inside one of the rooms is a talking Armoire named Jules. He knows several things so come back often (he does however not count as a sensate in training). In the same room you find Finam's book that you need later.


   Her life is tedious and her relationship has lost its excitement. Offer her to bring some excitement in it by telling her partner that she has a lover and to prove it with some letters that can be found at the print shop in the lower ward. (You will find one in the brothel to, though). Her partner, Montague is in the Civic Festhall.


   She knows who has the scent, but she can't say anything mean about someone. So train her on that (5000XP). Then she tells you that Marissa might have taken it.


   Ecco does not speak, you'll find out from the others that Dolora might know something about that.


   She can turn a Lim-Lim to a statue. Unfortunately she has lost her Crimson Veil and she claims that she has not taken the scent.


   Kimasxi-Adder-Tongue, can teach Morte some offending language.


   With Yves the Tale-Chaser you can exchange tales for 500XP per tale, do that. From her room you can steal a love letter.


   Kessai-Serris can explain dreams. View Larger Image

The brothel cellar (AR0606)

   In the northern room there is an entrance to a hidden room to the brothel cellar. The sensate women keep here there sensory stones that are used as a kind of diary. However you are not able to read them.


   If you counted them you came up with 9 students, but there are no more so go to Fall-from-Grace and tell her so. She asks you who the tenth is, go figure it out and she will join you (20000XP). Talk to her about your companions and talk about her (1000XP). You will find out something about your companions. Confront them with that, especially Morte (12000XP), because once Morte killed you and now he tells you where you found him (12000XP). Continue talking to him to find out everything and learn that he is guilty about what happened. You will gain an increase in strength, dexterity and constitution and an other 12000XP. Leave the brothel and head north.

The tailor

   Outside the tailor shop (AR0611) in the north is Malmaner, who wants you to get a costume from the tailor. This is a quest you can not do without Fall-from-Grace, because the tailor only pays attention to her. Get the costume from him. He will also tell you that a lot of people are using that costume. Go to Malmaner and give him the costume (8000XP) also tell him what the tailor said. He then wants another costume, go get that one and give it to Malmaner (6000XP). Goncalves the tailor also has some magical cloaths for sale to be used by Annah or Fall-from-Grace. These are the only extra protection you can buy in the game for Annah and Fall-from-Grace.


   Go to the Civic Festhall. Outside you meet Salabesh the Onyx. Learn from him that Jumble Murdersense cursed Reekwind. He is in the Civic Festhall. He also believes he is a better mage then Jumble and should be a teacher.

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