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Civic Festhall

Enter the Civic festhall (AR0601)

   The first person you meet is Splinter he knows everything about the Festhall and can help you in finding your way here.


   Go talk to Jolmi. She has a proposal for 2000 copper she wants to kill you. If you need the money then go ahead.

A headless man

   Mertwyn the headless is a man with a wooden head. He seems to be looking for his real head.

The lectures

   Go to the lectures and learn of the history of the planes, especially visit Ghysis the crooked who is telling about the blood wars. If you talked to everybody on the street then you must have heard about him now and the real story about how he was involved in the blood wars. Tell him that if you want, it does not gain you any experience however. You will however be able to recover a memory of being involved in the blood wars for 1500XP.

Removing Reekwinds curse

   There are three rooms there where some training takes place. One for fighters, one for thieves and one for mages. You can change here from one into the other if you want. Between the room where they train mages and the main hall Jumble Murdersense can be found. Talk to him and try to convince him to remove Reekwinds curse. Instead of doing that he will curse you.
Now you're cursed and need to remove it. Go back to Splinter who can tell you that Salabesh might know a cure. Go to him and talk to him. View Larger ImageApparently he can't remove the curse but he can give you an other curse with which it is possible to force Jumble in removing the curse on you. Go back to Jumble and throw the curse at him (10000XP). This makes Jumble remove your curse when you remove the one you put on him. After that he is also willing to remove Reekwinds curse (1000XP).


   Try to find Merriman and ask him about the keys to Delora's heart. Apparently they are real keys and Delora is mechanical (which probably has something to do with the reason why the Modrons are spying on her). Merriman has a lot of memories that he wishes to forget. He will give you the keys when you bring back something from the river Styx, which will make him forget.


   Also locate Montague and tell him about Juliette and that she is having an affair. Convince him with the loveletter. Strangely enough he chooses to leave her, which was not the idea. So tell him the truth (5000XP) and go for Morte's plan about what Montague's next step can be (5000XP), which is simulating he has a lover too.

The Festhall rooms (AR0602)

   At the far eastern wall is the entrance to the Festhall rooms. This is where you can rest if you want. When you talk to the clerk you find out that she recognises you and has the key for your room. Take the key and enter the room. The room is full of stuff, including magic scrolls. Also you will find a dodecahedrom. When you use it properly it will open (5000XP). Inside is a journal in a strange language. Do not forget to visit Unfulfilled Desire, who is in one of the rooms. Talk to her and find out that she steals desires.

Private Sensorium (AR0604)

   Go talk to Splinter and ask him about the Festhall, he will tell you that there is a Private Sensorium that can only be entered by Sensates. Convince him that you are a sensate (which should be possible with a high enough charisma). He will then take you to the sensorium. Here you meet Quell who knows some stuff about Ravel. However you can only talk to him when you bring him a suitable gift (some candy).
There also 3 sensory stones here that you can touch and undergo the sensation. One will allow you to see things through Deionara's eyes. From her you learn that she has left a legacy with her father and that you can get it from him when you ask about the sixth, the third, the kay and the 'S' (2000XP). During this conversation you learn a lot more about yourself and Deionara (2 x 2000XP).
An other one let's Ravel talk to you, from which you learn something about yourself and learn that there is a door at the godsmen foundry for which you need a key (6000XP). Someone at the festhall knows more about that (could it be Quell).The third will confront you with a previous version of yourself, although not a nice version. He has build a trap for you and you walked right into it. Talk to him to find out that you can escape from the trap by reading the tattoos. Leave and talk to Splinter again, he can tell you that Finam the linguist who has a house in the Southeast might translate the dodecahedron.

The headless body

   Now head for the house Finam the linguist. Outside his house you'll see some thugs. When you talk to them Annah will do the talking instead, resulting in them attacking you. Kill them all and find on the leader a metal box to which you can talk. The box contains the head of Mertwyn.


   Enter Finam's house (AR0706B) and show him the dodecahedron. Finam will tell you that his father had notes of such a language and could translate it. However his father was murdered in the Festhall. Fortunately you already have the book so give it to him. Finam will tear out the page with the notes and give it to you (25000XP). When you read the notes you are able to learn the language. Now read the dodecahedron (10000XP). There are several topics to read from, read them all. One describes a previous version of you killing the father of Finam and another tells something about a legacy. Before you leave the house do the Stories-Bones-Tell on the remains of his father.

Curious stuff

   Go to the Curiosity shop to get some of the items you need. Once inside you notice that Fall-from-Grace and Vrischika seem to know each other, although not in a friendly way. Now buy the following; The chocolate for Quell, the elixir of Horrific Separation for Pestle Kilnn. The Gorgon Salve for the statue in the arts building. I'll save you the trip back here and tell you now to buy also the Metallic cube, the Fiends tongue and Deva's tears and the rag doll (only when you have not entered the player's maze before). Then leave and go around the right side of the building to the north.


   Next to the curiosity shop is Aelwyn. Tell her that Nemelle is searching for her and she will ask you to tell Nemelle where she can be found.


   A bit to the north of the bar is Elobrande who can tell you the future for some copper. If you agree then she gives the coins back because she can not read your future. When you want to leave she tells you that a man once gave her mother a scroll for you. Take it but do not read it, the scroll is cursed.

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