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   Before we go on we first pay a visit to Reekwind in the Hive. He is normal again and is grateful (5000XP). He also can give you a story for your journal.


   Now that we are in the hive pay a visit to the smouldering corpse bar and go to Ignus. Use the decanter on him (5000XP) and Ignus will become a member of your party. Talk to Ignus about everything (1500 + 6000XP). It appears that once Ignus was a pupil of you. Give in to the memory (10000XP).
You can let Ignus teach you his art, but it will be painfull and it will reduce your Maximum hitpoints a bit, but it's worth it. You can learn his art by removing body parts from yourself and letting Ignus burn them, after which you get them back. First he takes your finger (MaxHP -1, 6000XP), then your hand (MaxHP -3, 1000XP), then your intestines that were left from your visit to Marta at the buried village (24000XP) take the intestines back and let Ignus go for the eye (MaxHP -2, 12000XP). Each of the items result in a spell that has something to do with fire. Additionally you also find out something important about Ignus; He is completely crazy and dangerous.


   If you wish you can also pay a visit to the Alley of lingering Thugs to check out how the rebirth took place, but there is nothing to do there. However if you didn't kill the thugs at the tenement the first time you were there then you can do so now. You're now a party of six, and much stronger.

The dreammachine

   Go to the foundry in the lower ward and bring the dream vial to Nihl Xander. Now he wants you to get a birdcage with razors that he already ordered from the Siege tower. Go there and bring the cage back. Then he wants a coffin pillow. Now why didn't he say that the first time? So off we go to Hamrys, who starts talking about coffins and stuff and it's hard to get his attention. Once you do you find out he doesn't have any because of the troubles in the warehouse and they didn't bring him the pillows because of that. Once in the warehouse there is no quest relating to any troubles and you just get the pillow when you ask for it!
Bring the pillow to Nihl Xander and he gives you the key (10000XP) which is a feather. The feather opens the door in the foundry hall that was previously closed. You can only enter it alone and once you do you see a glimpse of your future.


   Before you leave the foundry have a talk with Bedai-Lihn and tell her that you're not very happy being a godsmen. She then asks you to destroy the weapon that is being made because it is a device of destruction. She will tell you about the weak spot of the system. Now before you do that remember that the workers are somehow connected to the machine and will not be able to leave. When you sabotage the device they get killed. Now if that is not stopping you than just wait a while, because you have to get back here somewhat later to collect something first.

Box Art

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Planescape: Torment

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