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Solving Quests

The mug

   Now go to the clerks ward again and visit Nemelle. Tell her about Aelwyn and where she is to be found and you get an increase in your MaxHp (and 8000XP). Also talk to the mage there and tell him about Unfulfilled desire who can remove his desire to drink (10000XP). He give you his special mug, because he doesn't need it anymore.

The advocate

   Visit Iannis the advocate, tell him about the sensory stone of Deionara. He wants to visit it and because he is not a sensate he asks you if it would be possible to gain him entry. Promise him that you will do that. Now ask for the legacy of Deionara (8000XP). The legacy contains Deionara's ring that offers extra armor class, a healing scroll, healing charm and the legacy text. Read it and after that let Iannis read it. Then ask for your legacy with the code 51-AA (8000XP), You get a strange chunk of rock that offers protection from acid and poison, a godsman recipe and a keleidoscope eye that gives you some extra saves and resistance from magic.


   Go to Yvana in the art store and ask her about Yves, who is her daughter and tell her the tale that Yves told you about the tale seeker. Go to the statue and apply the Gorgon Salve on the statue (4000XP). You die, but when you rise again talk to Yvana about it and learn that the statue of the sorcerer Gangroighydon has left. Now catch one of the dark birds of ocanthus with the mug. The birds are made of the water Styx that you can use for Merriman.


   Go to the apothecary and give him the elixir of Horrific separation (6000XP) and then there are two guys; Pestle and Kilnn. Talk to Pestle and let him make some healing charms for you.

The festhall again

   Head for the Festhall and talk to Splinter about Iannis visiting the sensory stone and get his permission for that. Then go to Mertwyn and give him his head back (8000XP). Talk to Merriman and give him the cup (12000XP). You get the keys to Dolora's heart. Now let Splinter take you to Quell and give him the chocolate (8000XP). Then ask him about Ravel. He will tell you that the key to the door that leads to ravel is a piece of Ravel, that might be found at the brothel.
You can also visit the public sensorium (AR0603) and pay to get access to one of the sensory stones and learn something about the planes if you want. You will have to pay for it, but visiting each of the stones gives you some XP.

The trainers

   In the Festhall there are three locations to receive some training. For fighters, mages and thieves. Go talk to the trainees and find out where the trainers are. It appears that they are all missing. You can gain some XP in getting them back.
The fighter trainer Qui-Sai can be found in the festhall in the norteast. When you are a fighter then convince him to train you and you can learn the way of the stone, which adds a bonus of one to your armor class.
The mage trainer can be found in the public sensorium. It is Lady Thorncombe who is addicted to the stones and is not willing to return as a trainer and train you (when you are a mage). Go back to Salabesh, outside the Civic Festhall and talk to him. He has no problems in taking her place as a trainer. When you tell this to the lady then you can get her to return to her job as a trainer (12000XP).
The thief trainer is Eli Havelock, to which you should have run into by now. He can be located near the brothel. For some money you can convince him to continue his trainings (12000XP).

The key and the modron

   Go to the brothel and give the keys to Dolora (30000XP). Ask her about Ecco and she tells you that Ecco's voice is gone forever and that she requires a complete new voice. Before you go to Ecco, pay a visit to the Modrons and learn that the cube you got from the curiosity shop is a portal, but to where?

To get a voice

   Go to Ecco and give her the Fiends Tongue. When she does that she starts cursing and you need to soften it up a bit, so give her Dava's tears (30000XP). Now you can talk to her and learn that Kesai-Serris is one of the children of Ravel.

The veil

   Now first clean up some of the other quests. First pay a visit to Nenny that saw a man leave from Kimasxi's room. However the man never left the brothel. If you think about that then there can be only one such man. So pay a visit to Luis and trick him in giving you the veil, that appears to have a scent on it. Give the veil to Merissa (25000XP) and ask her about Kesai-Serris and she directs you to Juliette. If you like than she can turn your Lim-Lim to stone too.

Juliette and Montague

   Talk to Juliette and tell her about Montague (10000XP). Ask her about Kesai-Serris and she'll direct you to Kimasxi that is the half sister of Kesai-Serris.

The scent

   First go to Vivian and tell her that the scent was on the veil (25000XP). She will reclaim the scent and remove the embalming stench that you have and gain you an extra charisma point.

A piece of Ravel

   Go to Kimasxi that will admit to being a daughter of Ravel. However Kesai-Serris does not, she denies it. So ask Kimasxi how to prove it ans she will tell you that Kesai-Serris should ask her father. When you ask Kesai-Serris to do that se realises that she actually is a daughter of Ravel. Be gentle to her and she will give you a drop of her blood on a handkerchief, which are all around in the brothel (40000XP). So now you have a piece of Ravel, the key to the door. You only need to find the door now.

Permission granted

   Go to Iannis and tell him about the permission to visit the sensory stone (8000XP).

Under Sigil (AR2000)

View Larger Image   This rounds up the quests at this part. There is now only one place left to visit; Under Sigil. This is a hack-and-slash area, where you can gain several XP's and items. Before you go in make sure that you have enough healing charms and both defensive and offensive spells.

The door to Ravel

   When you're done go to the foundry and give the receipt to the clerk Nadilin (40000XP). You get an unfolding portal that is the door to Ravel's maze.
Now you can make a choice either sabotage the machine for Bedai-Lihn, which will imply that you renounce your godsman believes or tell Keldor about Bedai-Lihn. When you choose to destroy the machine (AR0513) you will also have to kill Sandoz and you can join the anarchists by talking to the print shop owner.

The Ragdoll

   If you have the Ragdoll and have not visited the Player's maze before then use the ragdoll. This will make Sigil angry and when you leave the area she will send you to the player's maze.

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