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Modron's Maze

   Before we go to Ravel we use the modron cube first. Bend the left knee, extend the left wing, extend the right wing, rotate the right arm and you are teleported to the Modron Foyer (AR13FY).
There is a modron here that welcomes you to rubicon for your dungeon experience.
Go south to the engineering room (AR13EN). There are several modron's here. Talk to them to find out that Modron's are from the plane of law, Mechanus. You are now in a dungeon simulator, which is a maze that can be run at three difficulty levels, easy, normal and hard. Each time the simulator is run other connection between the mazes are created. The current state of the maze is at easy. Before you can switch it to another state it needs to be resetted and they need the project director for that, who is not there. But they are able to get one if they reset the dungeon. Aren't they just lovely logically. Offer them to make you the director and reset the damned thing.

The mazes (AR13G1)

   The mazes are in three different levels (easy, normal and hard). View Larger ImageBeside that the difficulty is also available in the different types of opponents; low, medium and high, which indicates both the XP's you can get and the difficulty in destroying them. There are several goodies to be found, like extensions that can be used for a Modron and arrows and bolts) and there are also completely useless items to be found. The dungeon is also trapped, use Annah to detect them (when you are a thief you can also do it yourself ofcourse). Now there are two locations in the maze that you should find. The first is a wizard's lair and the other is Nordom, which is a Modron that can join your party. These locations can only be found in hard mode.

Wizard's lair (AR13WZ)

   Walk around in the maze until you find the wizard's lair. The conversation with him will always lead to a fight. So try to kill him, which is not an easy task. The wizard has an extremely powerfull spell, with an animation of a cannon that gives you a lot of damage, so make sure he is not able to cast the spell and kill him and his allies and you gain the spell.

Nordom (AR13FD)

   Next search for Nordom. When you find him talk to View Larger Imagehim and ask him to join you (36000XP). Now you have to make a choice if you want him on your party and if you do, who is going to leave your party. I choose to remove Ignus, because he is a real crazy bugger and Nordom has two crossbows that can be used for remote attacks. Also he '*Chrrrups*' when you are in the neighbourhood of a portal, which might come in handy.


   One of the items you need to have is the portable lens that is capable of teleporting you out of the maze and is a real good item to sell (there are several in the mazes). When you did not pickpocket Pharod earlier on than you can visit him now. To find out that he is killed, you can get the sphere now from him and take his crouch to visit his vault.
    Make sure you pay a visit to the shops in the Hive and get enough healing charms, before going to Ravel, which is the next step.

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