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Ravel's Maze

Cleaning up (AR0610)

   It is time to go looking for Ravel, so use the portal and get teleported to Ravel's Maze. There are Trigits here that have a high desire to kill you. They are easy to kill so just go ahead. The maze is trapped, disarm them when you find them. At the NE and NW part of the maze there are portals. You will need the NE portal to exit later on. Ravel is located in the centre. First clear the area a bit from the traps and the Trigits , also clear the traps around the centre part before you meet Ravel because you might need to reposition your group during your interaction with her and that avoids somebody walking into a trap.


   Now go to meet ravel (90000XP). Make sure you go through all the conversation steps, otherwise you are not able to leaveView Larger Image the maze. She tells you about your immortality and that you became that on your own request. The shadows are created every time that you die and they come looking for you to kill you. You also learn that the process of making yourself immortal was flawed because you loose your memory every time you die. Your mortality however still exists although she does not know where. There is however a Deva that does know (180000XP).


   During the conversation she transforms to the form of Annah and Fall-from-Grace. Note however what she says about your companions. You can ask her into who she transformed before. She appeared to be Mebbeth. Ask her about that and let her do her thing (90000XP) and you increase in wisdom. She also was Ei-Venne, ask her about that and your MaxHP is increased. Finally she was also Marta, when you ask her about that you gain an item that offers extra protection.

Go for the kill

   Let her to train you in the art, if you are a mage. Depending on your skill you gain more or less black barbed seeds and a black barbed necklace. If you talked through all the items try to leave, she won't let you. So you will have to kill her and her helpers. Killing her gives you 32000XP and several goodies. When she dies an animation is displayed that shows you that several shadows appear in the maze that come looking for you.

The hidden garden

   Before you start a fight with them walk around a bit to detect a portal that leads to the hidden garden of Ravel. You can examine the twigs on the floor and use the black barbed seeds to gain a black barbed branch. You can leave through the portal located near the arch. Now head to the NE part of the area to leave the maze. When you do, a beautiful animation is given of Ravel with an other creature. Learn that Ravel was working for the creature and did not do a good job. They end up in a fight, which Ravel looses.
At the end of the animation you find out you are in the outlands.

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Planescape: Torment

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