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The Prison

Guards everywhere (AR0702)

    This area is filled with Curst guards that are eager to kill you you will have to fight them all to move on. There are three gates in the prison area. One is at the NE, but you will not be able to use it until you leave the prison. The second is in the centre and the third is in the eastern part of the area. You will have to go to the centre gate first.

The Deva

   Here you will find Trias the Deva who is chained to the ground. He does not want to answer your questions until you get him his sword back and strike his chains down with it. He will direct you to the eastern gate, so go there.

The prison

   Before you go through the gate be aware that this is a View Larger Imagepart with a lot of Curst guards, so prepare for a big fight. The gate leads to the actual prison, which consists of three rings (outer, middle and inner) and an inner sanctum where the sword is. Open the gate and get ready to fight the guards. One of them has the key to the next ring, but you will have to kill them all to get it. In the prison you will also meet the people that you have send there, but they don't want to talk to you anymore.

A contest

   Go from ring to ring until you reach the inner sanctum. Here you meet Cassius, talk to him and he will give you the sword but you will have to compete him for it. You can choose to compete on strength, wits or speed. When you are a fighter go for the first, as a mage go for the second and as a thief go for the third. Being a mage he asked me three questions for which my wisdom was high enough to answer, so the sword was handed over to me without any hassle. Once you get the sword all the prisoners are released automatically. Go back to the rings and see that the guards are fighting with them. As long as there is a prisoner standing they will be occupied with that and you can easily pass by them without a fight. If you feel strong however you can also go for the extra XP an attack the guards.

Free a Deva

View Larger Image   With the sword free the Deva (302650XP) and ask him about your immortality. He does not know about that but tells you that a fiend named Fhjull Forked-Tongue does. You can get to him by leaving through the gate in the NE and gives you the key for the it. If you wish you can first go back to the Hermit to get some healing before you open the gate.


   When the gate is opened a portal appears. Do not go through the portal yet but pass the portal and go to the area behind the portal. Here you meet Vhailor a mercykiller, although a dead one. You can ask him to join you (90000XP) and you can also discuss his believes which might earn you another 90000XP. You will also find out that you are the one that put him there a long time ago. Even if you do not choose him than you should still make him join you for the XP and then remove him from your party. The major reason to make him join you is that he is a fighting machine who wields a big axe. The major disadvantage of tagging him along is that he wants justice to be done, to the extreme. This can cause some problems in the game. On the other side, the rest of the game contains a lot of hack-and-slash action so he can be valuable in that. However I decided to keep my party intact, because each of them is more fun than Vhailor.
Now it is time to go through the portal to travel further into the outlands.

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Planescape: Torment

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Setting: Fantasy
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