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Timing is everything (AR0900)

   Carceri is an area that contains timed events. When you reach the part where an event takes place you will have to act within a certain amount of time. Otherwise you miss out on the XP, so be quick.

Storm bombardment

   When you enter the dump caretaker meets you. He tells you Trias the Deva did to Curst what happened to it and it is up to you to undo what he has done. By doing so his powers are weakened. He also gives you a scroll of Storm Bombardment.


   Close by to the right there is a wagon. Underneath it are Berrog and Jovus Giljaf. Remove the wagon from them both and you get the scroll of Deathbolt.

Save the citizens

   On the other side of the building that is on your left there are some Gehreleth's that attack the good citizens of Curst. In order to get the 225000XP at least one of the citizens should survive so act quickly. When you killed the Gehreleth's talk to one of the survivors to get the XP.

The distiller, the execution and the revenge

   Enter the distiller building (AR3016) and save Kester. After that go to the SE and witness an execution in progress. It is the execution of An'izius. Convince the judge that it would be better to stop this madness (225000XP). Inside the dwelling (AR0904) revenge the death of the woman and kill the thief.

Old fiends and some rest

View Larger Image   Near the barracks are Tek'elach and Agril-Shanak fighting each other. Let them go along for a while, reducing each other HP and then kill them both for the XP. Enter the Barracks (AR3015) and kill the Curst guards. Here you can get some rest, finally.

Thugs and looters

   At the NE you will find Jasilya who is attacked by thugs, save her from them (750000XP). Outside the warehouse there are some looters. Convince the leader Jujog that what they are doing is wrong (150000XP).

Wishful thinking

   Go into the warehouse (AR0902) and meet Ebb Creaknees. Convince him to fight to save the town in stead of being an anarchist. You will get from him the scroll of Desert Hell. Before you leave search at the left side from the door for the wish scroll (it is a bit hard to find). The wish scroll can fulfil one of the following wishes:

  1. Increase attributes. This increases an attribute of your choice. However this appears also to remove the additional attribute enhancements I had from tattoos, so I did not choose this one.

  2. Item of Power. The ring of Thex, that offers +20HP, +4AC and +2 to saving throws. It is however only usable by mages.

  3. Wealth. Gives you 10000 copper.

  4. Full health for you and your companions.

  5. Knowledge and Power. This gives three spells: Stygian Ice Storm, Meteor Storm Bombardment and Power Word Kill.

Since I was a mage I opted for the spells. If you didn't get the ring Aegis of Torment than the ring is also a good choice (if you are a mage).

The mage and the official

   Leave the warehouse and head east. There will be several monsters to kill and an annoying mage on the roof that respawns after he died. He is hard to kill with spells, but just a few shots from Nordom's crossbows will kill him. Head to the east to see a Curst official that is being threatened by some Curst civilians. Talk to the angry one and convince him to work together (150000XP). To the left of it you see some Thokola guards and Hezobol. Convince him too fight the monsters (150000XP).

Kill, kill, kill

   Start killing the monsters for some extra XP, after a while from the administration building comes the Hermit walking towards you. He tells you the Deva is weakened enough now and you should confront him.

Trias, again

   Enter the administration building (AR0901). There are looters here but they are an easy prey. Kill them and collect all the goodies that are View Larger Imageof interest. Go to the next floor to be confronted by some Curst guards. Kill them too.
Head for the third floor and find a dying guard who is lying on the floor. He warns you not to enter the room behind him unless you are strong enough. This is good advice, but you need to go in anyhow. So enter and meet Trias again. Learn from him why he did what he did. Your conversation with him will always end up in a fight so be sure to power up first and try to kill him.
Just before you defeat him he surrenders and will tell you where the fortress of regrets is. To your surprise it is in the mortuary, where you awakened so very long ago.
Once he tells you that you can kill him for his celestial sword or let him live. In the last case you can convince him to give up what he is doing (375000XP).
After you did what you want to do with Trias the portal opens and there is no other way open for you than to go through it. Once you do you see that Curst is falling back to it's place and you ending up in the Hive.

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