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Fortress Entrance

The Fortress of Regrets (AR1200)

   You are alone, separated from your companions, just as Morte told you. You have been teleported somewhere inside the fortress. There are two ways you can go. One leads west, the other leads east. First go all the way to the east and then south. Here you meet Deionarra again. She tells you that the fortress is cut off from the planes (remember what Coaxmetal told you when he gave you the weapon). You also learn what the shadows really are and why they are created. Apparently every time you die your mortality seeks out a living creature in the neighbourhood that dies instead of you. Your companions are the only other living creatures here. So dying will mean they are transformed into shadows. Finally she gives you some information about the antechamber through which you have to go and that your way out is inscribed on the clocks. You did that the last time you were there. When you are done talking she disappears. Now follow the path that leads west and a door will open, the door that leads to the antechamber.

Fortress Interior (AR1201)

   Before you enter you witness an animation about Ignus who is View Larger Imagetold by the transcendent one that there are some creatures to be killed. Now who would that be then?
When you arrive in the room, you don't have much time. There are greater shadows here and unless you are a warrior, you will have a hard time killing them. So you better run and use the negative token on them to slow them down a bit. Turn around and walk down the stairs and look for the clock and read the inscription on it. It explains about using the cannons before the portal opens. There are four cannons, named war relics here, that need to be fired before the portal will open. Every time you fire the cannon you are teleported to an other location in the area. Now fire the cannon in this part of the room and you see an animation of Fall-From-Grace who is killed by the transcendent one. Then you are teleported to the opposite side of the area. Now walk down on the stairs in front of you and fire the cannon there. Now Annah faces the transcendent one and she is killed too and you are teleported again.
The third war relic is in the big room in the centre just behind the arch in the middle, firing that one will show you Dak'kon who is being killed too. Now you have to go al the way to the north and fire the war relic there and tView Larger Imagehis will show you the death of Nordom. This will also open a portal there, unfortunately you are teleported away again.
By now you should have figured out how the shadows operate. They try to surround you so that you can not leave anymore. Now you can take advantage of that, lure them to you while keeping an escape path open and than make a run for it. You can run faster than they can so, you should be able to survive it without a fight and believe me at this point you do not really need the extra XP they give. But if killing shadows is your kick, be my guest. So head for the portal and go through it.

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Planescape: Torment

Developer: Black Isle

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
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Play-time: Over 60 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

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· Released at 1999-12-10
· Publisher: Interplay

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