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Trial and Maze

Trial of Impulse (AR1202)

   You arrive in a room with a big crystal. When you walk to it, you see Ignus from the corner of your eyes and he is not looking friendly. View Larger ImageSo it's time for a fight.
The easiest way to kill him is to stand close to him and just strike him time after time. This will make sure that he is not able to cast any spells and you hit him a lot more than he does you so it's bye, bye Ignus (32000XP).
In the room there are several statues of yourself. Behind the NE statue there is a sounding stone that a previous incarnation of you left there for his companions. Listen to what it has to say and leave it there. Then touch the crystal and fall into darkness.

Maze of Reflections (AR1203)

   You wake up again on a cold slab and are faced by three previous incarnations of yourself. A good, a practical and a paranoid incarnation.
The practical incarnation approaches you first and wants to take over your body so that together you can kill the transcendent one and find a way out of here. Talk to him and learn that he is the one that save Dak'kon and led Deionarra to hear death. He has no problems in telling you why he did that, so you learn that Dak'kon was saved so that he would be in debt by him and Dak'kon would use his mighty sword to fight for him.
Deionarra was just killed because it was practical to have someone inside the Fortress to serve as his eyes and eaView Larger Imagers.
The area underneath Sigil was also constructed by him and was perfectioned by the paranoid incarnation. And he pulled Morte from the pile of skulls. So he has been quite busy in his lifespan. Now ask him about the bronze sphere (96000XP) and learn that it is a death sensory stone of the man that started the first of the incarnations. The reason why might be in there and when you merge you can discover it together. Now before you do that talk to the paranoid incarnation.

The paranoid

   The paranoid incarnation is the one that left the trap in the sensory stone at the Civic Festhall. Make sure that you do not make him angry, because then you would have to fight him and that is not very effective now. Also note that dying now will end the game prematurely, because there are no other living beings inside the fortress anymore. However for the fun of it you should save now and get yourself killed, because this gives you an extra animation about not completing the game, that you would miss otherwise.
Talk to him in the Uyo language and convince him to merge with you (64000XP, increase in constitution and increase in strength).

The good

   Once you've merged talk to the good incarnation and find out that he is the first incarnation. You also find out that the first incarnation is still buried inside your mind somewhere (96000XP). He can tell you why this all started and learn the reason for your immortality. You choose to become immortal to be able to undo the things you felt regret for. Unfortunately at every incarnation you lost your memory and could not remember anymore why you became immortal. Now you can merge with him. Before he wants to merge he asks you if life as you know it was worth living. Tell him that is was and merge (32000XP and increase in wisdom).
View Larger Image  When you've merged with the good incarnation you can use the sphere (2000000 XP) and learn your name. You can also remove the torment symbol from your arm. With the boatload of XP you just got, you level up quit a bit and get several character points. Make sure that you set your wisdom to be at least 21, otherwise you can not force the practical incarnation to merge with you. After that talk to the practical incarnation and bluff that you want to merge with him and take over in th eprocess (96000XP, increase in intelligence and increase in wisdom).

And the Practical

   Unfortunately the practical incarnation lied to you, he does not know a way out of here. This is the time to rest and if you are a mage like my character was then learn all the high level spells if you still have them before you rest. After you've rested walk up to Deionarra who appeared nearby. She can take you to wherever you want to go. Just choose one location, they all lead to the same place.

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