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Baator (AR1000)

   This area is filled with different types of View Larger Imagemonsters of which the hardest to kill are the Cornagon's. The best way to deal with them is by remotely targeting them with several spells first and then go for the final kill. Make sure you go to the SW part and walk up to the wall to find out where you can head back to the outlands. In this way you do not have to search for it when you wan to leave. Then progress to the SE to the pillar of skulls.

Pillar of skulls (AR1001)

   The easiest way to go through this part is by leaving Morte at the point where you entered the area and progressing either alone or with the rest of the party to the pillar, which is in the centre of the area. Talk to the Pillar (if you took Morte with you than View Larger Imagethe pillar tells you that it wants morte back, which gives you all kinds of problems). You can ask the pillar your questions, but remember that it wants something in return for every question.
Ask about the fortress and the pillar will tell you that it wants to know the location of Fhjull (if Morte came along with you than they will ask for him first). Tell them the truth or lie to it. I opted to lie because I didn't want the pillar to have the satisfaction of finding Fhjull. The pillar will then tell you that the key to the fortress is regret and that you need to write it on your flesh. The pillar does however not know the location of the portal. It is however known to Trias who appeared to have lied to you.


   You can go back now and head back to Baator. If you took Morte along to the pillar than they insist on Morte staying with them. If you refuse to give him back than the pillar will sound alarm and you face a big battle with the creatures that appear. If you want some extra XP than you can do that of course before you go back to Baator.

Back to Baator

   When you enter Baator again, the target is to head SW to the exit point (7000XP). It appears that every creature you've killed respawned again and is eager to kill you. You can kill them all or just make a run for it and run directly to the wall in the SE until the conversation starts that offers you the option to bite into a piece of obsidian. Do that and the portal opens that takes you back to the outlands and the skeleton.

Back to Curst

   Now go talk to Fhjull and he will tell you that the portal to Curst is at the arse of the skeleton. Before you go there make sure that you're healed enough because a big fight is waiting for you. After that find the portal and go through it.

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