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The Divinity menu is the main way to select and control all the different things that can be selected or controlled in the game. As there are a lot of things that can be controlled by the player, the developers have gone to great length to make this interface as simple as possible, without loosing functionality.

This page will now explain what the different buttons in the menu are for and how you interact with them.
The menu is displayed at the bottom of the screen in Divinity and looks like this:

Divinity Menu

The following is a description of the different buttons and indicators in the menu.

Automap Minimap The Automap
This button toggles the display of the auto map on or off. The auto map will initially open in the lower left corner of the screen. But like all windows you can move it to any location on the screen. The map has a size of 200x200 pixels and shows you in blue. The map will be updated with the correct position of everyone you can detect while you move around, but will only display the parts you have visited upto now.
Journal The Journal
This button opens a full-sized window, which at default displays the detailed map you are currently on. It will only display the parts you have visited upto now. It is possible to scroll through the map, but it's not possible to click on the map and go to that location. The map can be annotated with your own remarks. Besides displaying the map you also have the option to display the quest list (what quests do you have and which are solved), the journal with all relevant information you've learned and you can add your own entries into a diary.
Pause Pause
Pressing this button will pause the game, which allows you to go through your inventory and prepare for a coming event (such as a fight) drink some potions to feel better or select some better skills to use in the situation you are in now.
Weapon Weapon Selection
By use of this button all weapons you have at the moment will be displayed and you can select one of them to use. This is a shorter way than going through your inventory, select the weapon of your choice and selecting that one. The results of both actions are the same however.
Skills Skill Selection
Skills This will display all skills you know upto now, which can become rather big near the end of the game. The given example here is from the beginning of the game in the path of the warrior. The right button is the special move of that warrior. When a skill is selected it will become the default skill which is activated by pressing the right mouse key.
Research Panel

Research Panel
The Skills Panel
One of these buttons will be displayed and clicking on them will open the skills panel, which allows you to see your learned skills. When the lower button is displayed then you have skillpoints you can award to learn a new skill o the next level of a skill you already learned before..
Stats Panel

Stats Panel
Skills The Statistics Panel
Both of these buttons will open the stats window showing your current stats as is displayed in the image on the right. When the lower button is displayed, then you've raised a level which means that you can distribute skill points to the four primary stats: Strength, Agility, Intelligence and Constitution. In that case '+' and '-' buttons are displayed next to each stat and you can distribute the 5 extra points.
Options Options Menu
In the options menu you can save and load your game (which can also be done via CTRL-S and CTRL-L respecively) and change several options of the game, such as the efects you want to turn on or off.
Combat Combat Mode
Toggles the combat mode you are in. Which results in you either drawing your weapon or sheating it.
Wearing Character Panel
This will open up a window which shows what you are wearing at the moment, such as your weapon, armor, rings, necklaces etc.
Inventory Inventory Menu
This will open up a tabbed window which can show different things in your inventory. There are tabs for weapons, armor, potions and one for the rest. The inventory is not limited to an amount of items. The only limitation is the amount of weight you are allowed to carry. When you carry more than you are supposed to, it is no longer possible to run and when you carry the maximum allowed wight then you can not move anymore.
Hit Points Health (Vitality) bar
This bar displays in a graphical way the amount of health you have left. When the bar is gone, you are death. You can increase the bar by resting, getting healed (or healing yourself) or by drinking a red potion.
Mana Points Mana (Magic) bar
This bar displays in a graphical way the amount of mana you have left. When the bar is gone, you can not cast any spells anymore or do anything else that requires the use of mana. You can increase the bar by resting or by drinking a blue potion.
Stamina Stamina bar
This bar displays in a graphical way the amount of stamina you have left. When the bar is gone, you can not run anymore. You can increase the bar by resting or by drinking a yellow potion.
Experience and Research Experience bar
This bar displays in a graphical way how far you are away to reach your next level.


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Divine Divinity

Developer: Larian Studios

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: 40-60 hours
Voice-acting: Partially voiced

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· Platform: PC
· Released at 2002-08-03
· Publisher: Unknown

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