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Angle-Less-Eye  (EYEGLAS2)

+1 to Armor Class vs. Missile Attacks
-1 to Armor Class vs. Crushing Attacks
+10% Detect Traps Skill Bonus
THAC0: +1
Weight: 0
At first glance, this glass eye seems a poor replacement for a real one. However, when inserted into an empty eye socket facing inwards, its power awakens.
Although the eye dulls the wearer to colors and sights, it increases his awareness of angles and shapes, giving the wearer greater accuracy with weapons and giving him a greater chance of dodging incoming missile attacks. Furthermore, mechanical traps stand out to the wearer's vision, making it easier to spot and disarm them.
The user becomes more vulnerable to crushing attacks, however - some of the fragility of the glass eye seems to be transferred to its wearer.

Value: 500


Eye of Vecna   (EYEVECNA)

(Cursed Artifact)
Doubles all 1st Level Mage Spells
Doubles all 2nd Level Mage Spells
+35% Resistance to Magic
+4 Save vs. Death Magic
-3 to Wisdom
-3 to Intelligence
Weight: 0
Many tales are told of the arch-lich Vecna.
It is said that Vecna was one of the Planes' mightiest sorcerers, able to draw life from dust and send it back again, extinguish lives with a glance, and make the earth shudder beneath his touch. He was said to be so powerful that when the end of his life drew near, death refused to take him into its kingdom.
And so Vecna died, yet lived on.
Abandoned by death, Vecna became the master of a vast kingdom on a prime world called Oerth. Neither kind nor just, Lord Vecna's rule was one of great horror and suffering, and it is said his reach was so great that even the Powers of Oerth feared to cross him for fearing of drawing his eye.
Yet, while Vecna's gaze traveled ever outward in search of new conquests, he failed to see his own end when it came for him... in the form of his lieutenant, Kas.
As was fitting for Vecna's left hand servant, the arch-lich had fashioned a terrible weapon for his lieutenant as a symbol of his authority. Vecna made this weapon with such skill it is said that part of the sorcerer entered the blade, and it was this sliver of Vecna that gave the blade its life and its treacherous nature. Where once there was lifeless steel, there became thought, intent, and, perhaps most horrible of all, a voice.
The sword whispered treacheries to the ambitious Kas, night upon night, month upon month, year upon year, until one night, the remains of Kas' discipline was seduced by the rippling edge of the blade. Convinced by his blade that he was Vecna's superior, Kas confronted his dread master upon his Dessicated Throne, and the two of them fought a terrible battle.
During the battle, Kas was killed, but before he fell, his blade had dismembered his former master, scattering his remains so that no one may draw them together again. And so it has come to pass that pieces of Vecna have made their way across the Planes... one of these is the Eye of Vecna. It carries with it a bloody, violent history, so much so that many scholars refuse to speak of its treacheries, for fear the eye will come to them, seeking to add another victim to its bloody chronology.
The Eye of Vecna was instrumental in the extermination of the House of Hyeric, once the ruling dynasty in Nyrond. It is said to have been behind the sundering of the Conclave of Tyssis-on-the-Sea, which led to the three-cycle war that poisoned the seas of Malhatai and left the oceanic world barren of life. On the ashen Plane of Ghalentir, it possessed the gentle father of Sasaran, a babe with the potential to lead his suffering people from their shadowed lands to the Gates of Paradise... had not the eye drove Sasaran's father to murder his son as he lay sleeping in his crib. All these kingdoms, all these futures, the Eye of Vecna laid waste.
The Eye's powers are said to shift with each new owner, but one thing is certain: no good ever comes from whoever has the misfortune to possess it. It is destined to betray its wearer at a critical moment, failing him when he needs its power the most.

Value: 0


Eyeball  (EYEBALL)

Weight: 0
This is your eye. It looks like it's seen better days.

Value: 0


Glass Eye  (EYEGLAS1)

Special: -1 to Damage with All Attacks.
THAC0: -1
Weight: 0
This glass eye is a poor replacement for a real one. The wearer's depth perception is impaired while this eye is worn.

Value: 0


Kaleidoscopic Eye  (EYEKAL)

Invokes: "Chromatic Orb" when held
Special: Equipped
+1 to All Saving Throws
+1 to Save vs. Spells
+5% Resistance to Magic
Weight: 0
Usable only by Good creatures
This shimmering jewel is actually the corpse of a radiance spirit from the Upper Plane of Elysium. When these creatures pass away, they leave their shimmering husks behind. These husks are often mistaken for jewels or semi-precious stones. Their essence is still that of harmony and goodness, and they can only be employed by a creature whose heart is filled with good intentions.
The kaleidoscopic eye can either be wielded in the hand or placed in an empty eye socket, depending on whether its owner wishes to use it for defense or offense. When held, the user may summon its power to harness ambient light, twist it, then turn it against his enemies.
When placed in the owner's eye socket, the eye grafts itself to the wearer's skull and helps shield its new owner. It absorbs a portion of the energies from incoming attacks and provides proof against all manner of magical attacks.
When the Kaleidoscopic Eye's offensive power is exhausted, it cracks and turns to dust.

Value: 3000


The Fiendish Eye of Kalem'Dar  (EYEKALEM)

(Minor Artifact)
+2 Charisma
+5% Resistance to Fire
+5% Resistance to Magical Fire
+5% Resistance to Gas Attacks
+5% Resistance to Cold
+5% Resistance to Magical Cold
-1 Wisdom
Weight: 0
A well-known and respected fiend from the Lower Planes, Kalem'Darr was a member of the Fated faction in Sigil. His businesses were spread far and wide, and it was said he had a glittering touch, for every enterprise he undertook was successful. He planned carefully, took few risks, and prospered. Occasionally, he was forced to collect on debts - which could be bloody undertakings, but in the end, he always received his payments.
One day, one of his debtors came to Kalem'Darr and told him he could not settle his debt with coin... but would provide something of greater worth, if the fiend was interested. The man was a hedge wizard of little power, but he claimed he knew the ways of blessing a businessman's eye so that no opportunity would ever escape his sight. Kalem'Darr, both greedy and intrigued, agreed to accept the enchantment as payment.
It worked... too well, as perhaps the wizard has intended.
Kalem'Darr's enchanted eye soon saw opportunities *everywhere.* Too many to be exploited, and many others the fiend did not know HOW to take advantage of. What his "blessed" eye saw, his hands made broken - every opportunity he tried to take advantage of, his ineptitude mangled. His businesses fell apart, his financial empire crumbled. He soon found himself in debt to his fellows, who had little sympathy for their former competitor.
Kalem'Darr, unable to bear his reversal of fortune, finally plucked the offending eyeball from his socket and placed it within a cube of glass upon his mantle-piece. Then one day... the eye simply vanished.
It is said the eyeball itself saw a better opportunity as a free agent, but this has never been proven.
When placed within an empty eye socket, not only does the fiendish eye grants the wearer a trace of Kalem'Darr's fiendish immunities, it also grants the wearer a bonus to their dealings with others, allowing them to thread their way through a conversation and take what they need. Still, the blinding array of opportunities the eye presents to the wearer blinds him to the opportunities he does take, reducing how much he learns from his experiences.

Value: 1500


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Planescape: Torment

Developer: Black Isle

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Setting: Fantasy
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· Publisher: Interplay

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