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Divinity: Original Sin II - Divinity: Into The Abyss

by Silver, 2018-01-31 20:31:34

@DSOGaming A new mod has been announced by Abyss Team for Divinity: Original Sin II called Divinity: Into The Abyss. This mod is based upon the events of the main game and may contain spoilers.

The Abyss Team has just detailed a new ambitious mod for Divinity: Original Sin 2, called Divinity: Into The Abyss. Divinity: Into The Abyss is a new campaign that will take the player to a whole new land, add some new systems to the game, improved and customized AI and above all a new R.T.S.(Real Time Strategy) mode where the player gets to create a faction and lead it across the new and some old maps.


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Divinity: Original Sin II

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