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Divinity: Fallen Heroes - Previews

by Silver, 2019-04-15 11:15:12

Twinfinite and GameReactor have previewed Divinity: Fallen Heroes.


Is the X-COM-style gameplay loop going to hold up over 60 missions? Or perhaps a better question is whether it will compare favorably to the Divinity games fans are used to?

That probably depends on how involved the story, characters, and decision-making is in the finished game. I wouldn’t bet against Larian Studios getting the balance right, as I’m certain they know just how important storytelling and role-playing agency is to the Divinity franchise.

Still, this has been designed as a combat-heavy Divinity experience targeted at those who relish strategic turn-based battles, and in that department, it looks like a real winner.


Quite how deep the story goes remains to be seen, and we'll need to see careful use of the characters if they're going to remain as relevant in Fallen Heroes as they were in Original Sin II. That said, all of the characters we know and love are still very much present so prepare to fight alongside Fane, The Red Prince, Lohse, Sebille, Ifan Ben-Mezd, and Beast in this tactical twist on the series. There's huge potential for this one given its rock-solid origins, although there's a way to go if it's going to live up to the standards set by Original Sin II.

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