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Baldur's Gate 3 - Interview With David Walgrave

by Myrthos, 2020-03-02 11:03:25

Eurogamer has talked with Baldur's Gate 3 Executive Producer David Walgrave about the gameplay presentation of last week, the relation with Stadia, the Telltale people, some of the choices made during game design and other stuff.

How'd you feel the gameplay presentation went? Happy? There was a lot of chaotic energy...

David Walgrave: Yes! When we do these presentations, we have the script in mind so that we cover everything that we want to cover. Because it doesn't look like it, but we do have a plan with it. And then you enter the chaos factor Swen Vinke, and as a developer your heart stops every time he does something. He goes like, "Oh but I could also try this" and you're going "No! You can't!" [laughs].

So it's always a bit of an adventure but I think - what we are trying to show - is that there are so many options and choices and ways that things can go. And we have actually implemented all of them. What we don't always know is whether they work or not, at this point. But I'm very confident of the systems. So for instance, dialogue choices and scripting, that's something that can break because QA is still going through the game. But systemics is a thing that we've been building up for the last decade or so, and systemics we can trust.

But I do think - or I hope - that from the presentation, you see what we're trying to do with Baldur's Gate.

Thanks Ilm.

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